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U.S. Drilling to Expand per New Administration Plan

A new proposal released by the Trump administration allows for the expansion of drilling throughout the Atlantic and the Arctic, and includes previously protected areas. This proposal is designed to reduce the number of off-limits areas to oil and gas exploration. and Companies would be able to begin purchasing leases within these areas from 2019 … Continued

A New Era For Oil And Gas

The oil and gas industry is now facing some of its most positive changes and most optimistic environment. Look for 2018 to begin a new era for oil and gas. The Market Has Emerged More Agile In the past, the oil and gas industry has taken a long time to embark upon new projects. Companies … Continued

Drillers set to kick off 2018 with big production gains

Shale oil drillers in the United States are expected to see large production gains moving into 2018. These gains are only going to continue throughout the year. According to the forecast from the Energy Information Administration, the growth of oil production will be approximately 94,000 barrels a day in January. The total output of the … Continued

Are We Underestimating Oil Production?

With oil production in the United States steadily on the rise, few people are asking an important question: Could U.S. oil production be underestimated on a global scale? The United States is a relatively new contender in the arena of global energy supply, and that is making for some interesting interactions with other oil-producing countries. … Continued

Oil Production in 2018

What does 2018 hold for oil production in the United States? Not only are those in the industry interested in this, but economists and analysts are as well. Oil production is more than energy independence; it’s about also impacting the global economy. In 2018, it is likely we’ll  see the United States ramp up production … Continued

Production set to grow at a record-breaking rate

Production of domestic oil is growing at a record-breaking rate, with many analysts anticipating continued growth within the market. Not only is the domestic market growing and providing more energy independence, but the United States is also becoming a major player in the global oil market. Reports now show that the United States is set … Continued

U.S. is expecting the biggest oil and gas boom ever

The United States is currently positioning itself to become a major superpower in the area of oil and gas; and it may, in fact, succeed at becoming the most powerful. This is tremendous news not only for the oil and gas industry but also the economy. Driven by the Success of Shale Oil The United … Continued

Oil Production At An All-Time High

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has reported an increase of 1,003,000 barrels per day (11.8%) year-over-year from 2016, reaching an all-time high for domestic oil production and a significant rebound from the low four years prior. Crude oil prices have been increasing throughout 2017, bolstering the market, as demand has continued to rise and production … Continued

Has Production Fallen Off In Your Wells?

Tiger General encourages you to bring your production roaring back with one session with your new Swab Master Machines. Join the successful teams that maintain production for a fraction of the costs of coiled tubing or workover rigs. Swabbing doesn’t Cost… It PAYS! The all hydraulic “Swab Master” Swabbing rigs are fast, powerful, easy to … Continued

North Dakota oil production continues to rise

August of 2017 saw oil production throughout North Dakota rise, with a 3.5% oil production increase and a 2.5% gas production increase month-over-month. North Dakota is the second largest oil producer in the country. In July of 2017, North Dakota alone bumped 1.048 million barrels of crude oil per day. In August of 2017, this … Continued