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Mark Overholt, President
Mark Overholt, President

Since 1925 the Overholt family and Tiger General LLC have been building  Swab Master Swab Rigs, Winch Bed and Winch Tractors, Vacuum Water Trucks, Double Drum Work Over rigs and all kinds of special truck bodies and equipment. We sell new and used medium and heavy duty trucks including International, Western Star, Ford and Freightliner. We are Clement Dump Trailer Dealers offering steel and aluminum dump trailers, scrap trailers and roll off trailers. Read article about Tiger General LLC in the July 2007 edition of NFIB – The Voice of Small Business online magazine. Our mission today is to provide our fine customers with the very best, well engineered, products and services. We provide the #1 hydraulic drive swabbing rigsdouble drum hydraulic drive rigs, off shore modular ocean remote location service rigs, Clement scrap, sand and stone, big rock frameless dump trailers and new and used medium and heavy duty trucks.

Backed up with a Rock Solid after sale support by Tiger General LLC

Everything is designed & specified properly, to do your jobs correctly and efficiently. We provide strong after sale support with parts and service. We investigate fully any problem areas to make sure they are resolved quickly and fairly.

10 Reasons you should do business with Tiger General LLC

  1. Honesty with Integrity
  2. Knowledgeable and Experienced
  3. Clean, durable, well-engineered designs
  4. Tiger is understanding and easy to work with
  5. Rock solid, after sales support
  6. Prompt attention to problem solving
  7. You get the personal attention of Tiger owner, Mark Overholt, to the details of your job.
  8. Tiger’s pricing is extremely competitive
  9. You’ll feel secure doing business with Tiger General LLC
  10. Tiger gives you the best guarantees in the industry.

Our Staff

Tiger General LLC people are the greatest. They are sincere, honest, well educated and very hard working. They know their business and enjoy doing great quality work. Many years ago my father, Henry Arnold (Bovie) Overholt set a standard to give an honest days work for a fair price. We maintain these standards today. We at Tiger General LLC love a good challenge. Saying “no” to a request is seldom heard. We roll up our sleeves and put our collective skills together and resolve the most unusual problems. We have been selling and building fine top shelf trucks, trailers and all kinds of equipment since 1925. Call the fine people at Tiger General LLC to get the full range of quality services you need.

Feel free to call any of our staff members for assistance:

Mark Overholt – (330) 725-4949 Ext:122

Moises DeLeon – 210-848-8397
Spanish speaking International Technical Sales Representative

Sherry Overholt – (330) 725-4949 Ext:133
Vice President

Dhaval Patel – (330) 725-4949 Ext:116
Mechanical Engineer

John Wroblewski – (330) 725-4949 Ext:161
Purchasing/Parts Manager

Ali Ibrahim
Mid-East Sales Representative/ UAE

Ademola Sunday
Africa Sales Representative

Sales and Service Hours

7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.* Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time. Call 330-725-4949 or Toll Free at 800-433-5608 * Special overtime hours can be arranged.

Well Engineered Premium Products With “Rock Solid” After Sale Support

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