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Swab Rig Flyer

Tiger General has been the leader in the oil & gas industry since 1925 producing the finest designed, engineered and manufactured products. Tiger General with its design has field tested and proved swabbing trucks that will meet your needs. We can provide these swab rigs on either a new or used chassis from the major producers of industrial truck manufactures. Read More

Vac Master Vacuum Truck Flyer

Tiger General was one of the first manufactures to design, engineer and manufacture Vacuum Trucks for the oil & gas industry. Our field tested and field proven Vacuum Trucks are being used widely around the world. Since 1925 we have continue to improve our products to accommodate the needs of our customers. Read More

Winch Truck Flyer

You get well engineered, clean, field proven rigs from the rocky mountains to the mid east deserts. Rig up winch trucks that work. Best pricing. Best value. Rock solid after sale support and guarantees. Tulsa hydraulic planetary winched 50,000#-130,000# protective headache racks with best vision. We will modify spec’s to fit your special needs! Read More

Clement Trailer Flyer

Learn Why Clement & Tiger General Are The Leader’s In Trailers For ALL Applications! “We Can and Will Save You Thousands!” Low Rate Financing Available…Call for Details! Read More

Cable Information

Information about drum size and cable capacity formulas, installation, operation, and maintenance information.The included information is by no means complete or guarantees of anything. It is offered as a basic good starting point. Contact a qualified cable supplier for more details. Get professional advise and use good judgment and experience to make sure everyone will be as safe as possible operating your equipment. Read More