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US Oil Rig Count Continues To Climb

The United States oil rig count continues to climb, as well as the rig count in Canada. As of mid-June, the rig count has grown by six week-over-week, with 22 straight weeks of growth.¬†But this growth is also being matched by Canada, which raises some questions regarding how the future of the oil and gas … Continued

Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Swab Rig

Buying a swab rig is a major investment. Whether you’ve decided to purchase a used, reconditioned, or new rig, there are some questions you’re going to have to ask yourself about your needs and your budget. Though you should always consult with a professional before actually committing to a purchase, you can begin your planning … Continued

Oil and Gas Expanding and Booming

It’s official: the oil and gas industry in the United States is going to continue growing, even as OPEC cuts its own production. Oil and gas in Texas has increased for the fifth month as of April, and it’s likely that these increases are going to flow through to May and June once the reports … Continued

Oil Begins To Flow Through Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a controversial development for the last few years. Both environmental groups and Native American tribes protested against the use of this pipeline, under the belief that it could adversely impact the environment. However, this $3.8 billion project is very likely to vastly improve upon oil and gas operations throughout … Continued

U.S. Shale Oil Production Growth ‘Impressive’

United States domestic oil production continues to both grow and exceed forecasted amounts. Though this could drive down prices, this may not necessarily be a negative for the market. Technological¬†improvements and cost savings have been cited as a major reason for this growth.¬†This growth is likely to continue for the foreseeable future and will bring … Continued

Oil Production Nearly at Record Highs

Domestic oil production has increased steadily throughout 2017, with the U.S. Energy Information Administration raising its 2017 forecast for production and lowering its outlooks regarding price. Oil production and oil price is closely linked, though demand remains high and growing. As U.S. oil producers continue to raise production, per barrel prices may go down. What … Continued

Swabbing Keeps Wells Going

What happens when a well is already considered to be depleted? In the past, the wells would simply be abandoned. Today, however, advanced technology makes it possible to still recover some amount of product from the well. Swabbing can go on for several years, at which point the well is considered to be truly depleted. … Continued

New Technology Enables Action for Oil & Gas

The past decade has been a tumultuous one for the oil and gas industry. Following a period of tremendous highs, the oil and gas industry saw both oil and gas prices sharply decrease. In the past two years, the oil and gas market has slowly begun to recover. Now the oil and gas industry is … Continued

U.S. Oil Production To Increase In 2017

Shale drillers in the United States are expecting to increase their April oil output by 109,000 barrels per day. This will mean that almost 5 million barrels per day will be produced in the United States. It’s expected that oil and gas production will continue to increase throughout 2017, in the wake of an improved … Continued