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Common Issues With Swab Rigs and How to Avoid Them

Tiger General knows swab rigs. Swabbing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. However, if you’re using out of date equipment, or aren’t taking care of your swab rig, swabbing can get expensive. Here are a few common traits we’ve seen over the years, and how to be more proactive about maintenance Why Maintenance is Critical … Continued

Should You Lease an Oilfield Truck?

Tiger General knows a thing or two about the oil and gas industry – more specifically, the trucks needed to get the job done right. Sure, you can rent a swab rig, but wouldn’t you rather have your own? If you’ve been following along, you should know by now that swabbing wells pays off big-time. … Continued

A Few Common Oil Field Myths

At Tiger General, we have been serving our friends in the oil and gas industry for many years. We’ve certainly learned a lot over these years. We’ve heard a lot of stories, and  a lot of myths about the oil industry. In all reality, we recognize the oil and gas industry is an incredibly valuable … Continued

How Swabbing Puts More Money in Your Pocket

Here, at Tiger General, we like to say swabbing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. Why do we say that? Well, because it’s true. The oil and gas industry, like many other industries, has benefited from advances in technology. Through the process of swabbing, more and more oil is being recovered from wells that would … Continued

Revisiting the Process of Swabbing a Well

Way back in 2013, we wrote an informative post about the process of swabbing a well. Five years later, we thought it would be a great idea to revisit the process of swabbing and its contribution to well control. Perhaps the most important thing to note is swabbing can’t take place without a swab rig. … Continued

Why Millennials Should Choose Oil and Gas Careers

Oil and gas isn’t for everyone. As illustrated in an article in Oil Price, it can be dirty, difficult and dangerous. However, if can also be a very rewarding career path for millenials. It can be tough to break into a lucrative career right out of college, but oil and gas can,  and should be, … Continued

How to Keep Your Oil Field Production Equipment Running Smooth

When you are working with heavy machinery, continual maintenance is essential. To keep oil field production equipment running smoothly, machine operator training should always be optimized, and a maintenance schedule created. When you test lubricants and look for signs of wear on a consistent basis, your oil field production equipment is less likely to break … Continued

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace My Swab Rig

In the oil and natural gas industry, efficiency is vital to your overall profits. When you are using an older swab rig, chances are very high that you are only running at  65% efficiency. When you take into consideration how expensive it is to run your swab rig in the first place, this level of … Continued

Oil Production Continues to Rise in the United States

Though the past few years have been a rocky and tumultuous path, all signs are now pointing to success.  The executive director for the International Energy Agency said that the United States is swiftly becoming the “undisputed leader” of oil and gas production and that this is likely to continue for “years to come.” U.S. … Continued