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Exceptional Benefits of Oil Drilling

Offshore drilling is an extremely positive enterprise that has advantages for many involved in the industry. Because of these benefits, many companies are continuing to engage in offshore drilling by growing and expanding. Other companies may be getting involved on the periphery of the industry as well, providing products and services to those within the … Continued

US Drillers Deploy More Oil Rigs as Crude Gains

As of October, the United States has seen an increase in the overall U.S. oil rig count, which has, historically, been a reliable indicator of the current success and performance of the crude oil market. A total of 940 rigs were engaged in exploring for natural gas and oil as of September 29th, with an … Continued

Expect A Major Leap In U.S. Oil Exports

Industry analysts are expecting a major leap ahead for U.S. exports. This leap is related to a ramp up in oil production that has now virtually eliminated reliance upon foreign oil and exceeded domestic demand. Through increased oil export, the U.S. is positioned to become a major energy power, and to impact and control the … Continued

Don’t Blame Big Oil for Price Hikes

Gas prices are going up across the nation, but these prices aren’t due to “big oil.” In fact, big oil has been doing all that it can to provide more oil and affordable oil to the domestic market. Instead, gas prices are likely to go up following substantial disasters that have occurred due to Hurricane Harvey and … Continued

Oil Demand Is Growing Nearly Everywhere

Oil demand has been growing steadily throughout the world with many analysts believing that the demand is going to continue to grow indefinitely. This is important as oil production has been ramping up in the United States and some previously wondered whether this would drop oil prices. The Relationship Between Oil Demand and Oil Prices … Continued

Oil Industry Sees Positive Production

The oil industry has been increasing production substantially, now with an average of 206 rigs through July 2017. Crude oil production has grown by 5.7 percent and is now at 103 barrels per day. Per barrel prices are now at $43.10, which has risen significantly from the sub-$35 prices that were commonplace during the beginning of … Continued

Advantages of Offshore Oil Rigs and Drilling

Though offshore oil is often discussed in negative terms, there are actually many reasons to believe that it has an overall (if not overwhelmingly) positive impact on the country. Offshore drilling is a way to boost the country economically, obtain better global positioning, and even help the environment… and all of this relies upon future … Continued

How Can Millennials Help Oil Production?

Millennials have historically been completely opposed to the use of oil and gas and other fossil fuels, instead attempting to promote “cleaner” energy sources such as solar power. But much of this comes from assumptions that are made regarding the oil and gas industry and may not necessarily be true… and for the good of the … Continued

Oil Sets Sights on Biggest Weekly Gain of the Year

In the United States, the domestic oil industry has just achieved its strongest week of the year, which means good things for the oil industry and the rebounding economy. Though there were initially some fears throughout the industry regarding the ramped up oil production, these fears have mostly been addressed and the price per barrel has … Continued

What Is Swabbing In The Oil And Gas Industry?

Swabbing is an excellent way for businesses to increase the useful lifespan of a well while also reducing their own costs and any associated impact on the environment. Swabbing is used in conjunction with methods such as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking“), in order to recover more from the well. Understanding this process is vital to improving the … Continued