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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace My Swab Rig

In the oil and natural gas industry, efficiency is vital to your overall profits. When you are using an older swab rig, chances are very high that you are only running at  65% efficiency. When you take into consideration how expensive it is to run your swab rig in the first place, this level of power output isn’t worth the cost. When you replace your old swab rig with one that doesn’t use the same chains, weighs much less, and has fewer moving parts, you can run a swab rig at 95% efficiency or more.

Your Swab Rig is More than Ten Years Old

If you have a model swab rig that is more than 10 years old, you are running  on borrowed time. Older models tend to need replacement at around the seven-year mark. If your swab rig is any older than seven years, your machine is not running at optimal levels. Newer models are going to give you the extended life you are looking for in a swab rig, with fewer maintenance needs throughout the years.

Your Swab Rig Continually Breaks Down

Nothing stop productivity more than equipment that continually breaks down. If you are spending more time and money on repairs than you are making with your swab rig, it’s time for a replacement. If the equipment is relatively new, it’s time to investigate  recalls on your specific piece of equipment . Any time you run a large machine that  breaks down, it is going to cost your business money in both repairs and lost revenue.

You Are Ready for Up to Date Equipment

When you are serious about your swabbing business, you must  have the gear that keeps up with your competition. A new swab rig will give you the edge you need in a competitive industry. Investing in a new swab rig is going to boost your productivity, allowing you to service more customers. The swab rig pays for itself fairly quickly once you consider that your new machine provides way more power than an older one, despite the similar costs of running each machine. Don’t fall behind your competition with bad equipment that breaks down all the time.  Let your customers know you care about their needs.

The truth is: When you have an outdated machine, your customers know it. If you break down on the job, customers remember. Your future work depends on keeping your  customers happy, and a new swab rig will help keep everything moving along as it should. elp a customer by always having gear that is ready for the job.

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