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How the Oil and Gas Industry Impacts the US Economy

It’s hard to ever imagine the United States without oil and gas. We use gas and oil to heat our homes; we use petroleum distilled from oil to run our vehicles and various light machinery; and we use oil and gas to power our cities. In fact, I can’t imagine what our world would be … Continued

How a Regular Swabbing Program Can Increase Well Production

Swabbing a well makes good business sense, and is an art form unto itself. A regular swabbing program can wring a few more years of production out of old wells, and can also increase production on newer, more active wells. Either way, this means more money for your business. That makes the investment into swabbing … Continued

Oil and Gas Industry Set for Continued Growth

  After nearly eight years of price declines and regulatory burdens, the domestic oil and gas industry has experienced two years of growth and expansion. Oil prices have more than doubled since hitting a low of nearly $30 per barrel in January 2016. American oil and gas companies have increased their capital spending by nearly … Continued

The Impact of the Oil and Gas Rig Count

In the past, the rig count was a strong measure of the success of the oil and gas industry. But is it still relevant today? Despite what some on the Left are saying, the oil and gas rig count is still highly important. Higher rig counts are much better for the economy mainly because rigs … Continued

Oil Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

There are few constants in the world, but one exception is the demand for oil. There are so many things that we rely on that require oil. We use oil in our homes, businesses and pretty much anywhere that requires some sort of energy. Sure, there are other options like solar, but as of right … Continued

What’s The ROI Of A Swab Rig?

Swab rigs are awesome. They, literally, bring a well that you thought dried up back to life. Bringing a well back to life ultimately puts money in your pocket. The ROI on a swab rig purchase is a no-brainer. We say it all the time, “Swabbing doesn’t cost, it pays.” Why should I buy a … Continued

What to do When Well Production Slows Down

Has production fallen off in your wells? Are you stuck wondering how you’re going to get them going again? A swab rig can help bring them roaring back. In fact, the possibilities are endless with a swab rig. And a quality swab rig can make a huge difference in well production. If your wells have … Continued