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Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Swab Rig

Buying a swab rig is a major investment. Whether you’ve decided to purchase a used, reconditioned, or new rig, there are some questions you’re going to have to ask yourself about your needs and your budget. Though you should always consult with a professional before actually committing to a purchase, you can begin your planning with a quick check list.

1. Does the Rig Have a Modern Hydraulic Direct Drive?

A rig will usually have either a modern hydraulic direct drive or an old-fashioned mechanical chain and sprocket clutch drive. Of course, a modern hydraulic direct drive is going to be far more efficient and easy to use. Though it may be more expensive to purchase a more modern rig, you will generally see a substantial cost savings in terms of a lack of repairs and maintenance. A modern drive is going to last longer, and consequently your swab rig isn’t going to need to be repaired as soon. As you undoubtedly know, issues with equipment can be incredibly costly, not just in terms of the equipment itself but also the associated delays.

Tiger General has offered the public Swab Master Direct Hydraulic Drive Machines since 1978, leading the way for what would become industry standard technology. By pursuing both performance and life-extending improvements, Tiger General has been able to develop a complete line of efficient hydraulic drives with far less frictional torque loss.

2. What Paint Process Is Used?

Paint is important. Has the swab rig been sand blasted before being painted? If not, the paint isn’t likely to adhere properly when the machine is being worked hard. Does the company offer encapsulated polyurea paint? Again, if not, the paint is probably not going to have longevity when it’s in the field. Tiger General takes apart all of its machines, sand blasts it, primes it, and then paints it over with a premium 2-stage primer and premium hi solids urethane paint. From there, the machines are fully re-assembled, inspected, and touched up.

Too many companies are going to skip many of these steps. Instead of taking the machine apart, they’re going to try to paint it fully assembled. Instead of painting all the parts, they’ll just paint the areas that are visible. But paint isn’t just for appearance. Paint is to protect your machine and your investment. Without a full painting process, your machines are going to find prey to issues such as rust far faster.

Our swab rigs have an optional, best-in-class, Ultra Encapsulated Tiger Hyde Paint process. This paint is 5 to 13 times thicker than average paint and operates as a thick, shock-resistant material, designed to reduce the potential for damage to your prized machinery. This paint is intended to last a decade or longer.

3. What Operator Support Gauges or Downhole Information Is Offered?

Advanced swab rigs should be able to give comprehensive information in terms of operator support and downhole information. This includes information such as depth both in and out of the well. Through proprietary hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring systems, Tiger General is able to offer advanced touch screen components. These touch screens are able to record, save, and display electronic engine data, so that the operator can utilize the swab rig more effectively. These gauges include: line speed, gross and net loads, system pressures, charge pressure, tubing, and well head pressures. In addition to improving upon efficiency and productivity, having these gauges available can also build upon safety.

4. What About the Details of the Rig?

How is the rig assembled? These “small” details are not so small; it speaks to the pride and the expertise used in building the machine. Are the machines built with stainless bolts? Do they use American-made, premium components, or cheap imported parts? Do they stock these parts for easy repair and maintenance and what additional ways do they use to make maintenance easier? Tiger General considers all of these things and more, building machines that are premium from the ground up, and ensuring that they are built to last.

Tiger General’s Swab Master rigs are designed to work hard, fast, and all day long. Not only that, but they are also designed to live a long, productive life, making them the perfect investment for an oil field company. Take a moment to look at the new, used, and reconditioned swab master rigs currently available at Tiger General, LLC.