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The True Value of After-Sale Support in the Oil and Gas Industry

After-sale support is incredibly key when making a big purchase. Some companies treat it as an added bonus, but here at Tiger General, we make it a priority. Whether you’re purchasing a swab rig, a vacuum truck, or even something small, we make sure you understand how everything works and how to take care of the product so it lasts.

Support is Key

Big purchases can be scary for a business of any size. Those purchases can be even scarier if what you’re purchasing is a piece of equipment. All equipment purchases require some level of support. There are many things to consider.

  • When will the product arrive?
  • What do I need to do when it arrives?
  • Any specific notes for operation?
  • When does it need maintenanced?

Those are just a few of the questions purchasers may have post-purchase. In many cases, these questions are covered during the sales process, but they will more than likely come up again post-purchase.

Access to the Source

There aren’t many companies out there today that, when you give them a call, the right person answers right away, or even in a timely manner. We know how important our products are to our customers. If a customer has a question or a concern, we know it needs to be addressed, and addressed quickly.

Take, for example, our swab rigs. When we sell a swab rig we offer to send someone out to train your workers on how to operate the rig. If something goes wrong with your rig, our customers call us and we have the answers. There’s no transferring you to another department only to get transferred to another department. You get the source, and the source has the answer. That’s good after-sale support.

More confidence in product

Throughout the buying process, questions surrounding post-purchase support should come up. Whether the sales rep is doing the assuring, or the potential customer is asking the questions, there should be a clear understanding of what the customer can expect post-purchase.

If you offer post-purchase support and have a reputation of following through on it, the customer will have more confidence in the  purchase. The relationship is important, and that relationship is built on trust and follow-through. We don’t take that lightly here at Tiger General.

Ready to take the next step? Give us a call!

At Tiger General LLC, we’ve been supplying oilfields with top quality trucks since 1925. Not only do we provide the best available quality of both new and used winch trucks and other equipment, we also provide stellar after-sale support for all of our customers. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for more information on getting the winch truck that best suits your individual needs and preferences.