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Common Issues With Swab Rigs and How to Avoid Them

Tiger General knows swab rigs. Swabbing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. However, if you’re using out of date equipment, or aren’t taking care of your swab rig, swabbing can get expensive. Here are a few common traits we’ve seen over the years, and how to be more proactive about maintenance

Why Maintenance is Critical

A swab rig is an investment. A big one. It’s crucial to be  sticking to the suggested maintenance plan. The major risk of ignoring maintenance is that it allows little things to snowball into bigger things. Big issues cost big money. If you want to keep your swab rig performing at its peak, then make sure you’re taking care of the maintenance.

Use the Right Fuel

Ever fill up your car  at a gas station only to end up wondering if the station  watered down its gas? Probably once or twice? Find a gas station you like, and, more importantly, one that your rig likes. If you know you’re putting quality fuel in your swab rig you’ll have peace of mind and keep things running smoothly.  

Change the Tires when Needed

Even though you know you shouldn’t, it’s tempting to drive around with bald tires if it means you don’t have to shell out a boat load of cash for four new ones. Don’t do it. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread to keep your swab rig moving!

Put it Away

If you’re not swabbing year round, make sure to store your swab rig away from the elements. Some climates are worse than others, but you shouldn’t let your swab rig sit out in the snow all winter. If you keep it stored when not in use you will keep the exterior in great shape. Also, before you store it, make sure it’s completely empty of debris!

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