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Should You Lease an Oilfield Truck?

Tiger General knows a thing or two about the oil and gas industry – more specifically, the trucks needed to get the job done right. Sure, you can rent a swab rig, but wouldn’t you rather have your own? If you’ve been following along, you should know by now that swabbing wells pays off big-time.

Why you should buy your oil field trucks

The question of renting vs. buying comes up quite a bit. There are obvious benefits to buying a new oil field truck. For example, the truck will be yours. You no longer  have to worry about availability when trying to rent a truck. Your team can get familiar with one truck, as opposed to having to make adjustments to new equipment on a regular basis. The list really goes on and on.

One of the biggest advantages to buying vs. renting is it gives your company a valuable asset. These trucks aren’t cheap. They’re big investments. Unlike most investments, though, the return is virtually guaranteed – especially with a swab rig.

A few benefits to leasing an oil field truck

We’ve gone through the many benefits of owning your own oil field trucks, but to their credit, there are certainly a few benefits to leasing.

  • Don’t have to worry as much about long term maintenance
  • Equipment won’t become outdated
  • Cost-effective (depending on how often you’re using the equipment)

The one key thing to consider is the benefits may only apply to companies that either don’t use the equipment frequently, or don’t have enough room in their budget for new equipment.

How long will a new truck last?

Depending on the piece of equipment you buy, a new oil field truck can last  more than 10 years. A quality truck is truly an investment that is made to last,,and   when technology expands and you’re ready to upgrade, you can either trade in your current truck or sell it to help purchase your new truck. All in all, buying new or used is the way to go.

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