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What’s The ROI Of A Swab Rig?

Swab rigs are awesome. They, literally, bring a well that you thought dried up back to life. Bringing a well back to life ultimately puts money in your pocket. The ROI on a swab rig purchase is a no-brainer. We say it all the time, “Swabbing doesn’t cost, it pays.”

Why should I buy a swab rig?

Why not? The long and short of it is, swabbing a well brings it roaring back to life. The process is pretty cool. Here’s an excerpt from an earlier post  that goes more in depth:

The operator drives out to the well. The operator then raises the mast with sheave and aligns the mast with the centerline of a well. The operator then lowers cable and tools in and out of a well via the winch drum and mast crown pulley or sheave.

The swab tools are used to support the swab cups. The tools are lowered into a well, down to the fluid level. Swab tools allow fluids to flow up through and past to above the swab cups, as the winch drum with cable lowers cable and tooling into the well into the fluids. Then the winch drum winds up the cable, tools, swab cups, and a column of fluids are lifted up and out of the well.

The accepted practice in the industry is to lift about 6 barrels of “dead” fluid, or oil, up and out of a well. This lifting is called a “run”. As fluid is removed, this relieves the hydrostatic pressures on the formation. Production gas or oil pushes up and out of the well.

Where can I purchase a swab rig?

We’re glad you asked. Tiger General has the world’s best swab rigs and will bring your well roaring back to life. More importantly, Tiger General’s swab rigs require very little maintenance,  providing you a great return on your investment for a long time!

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