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How Swabbing Puts More Money in Your Pocket

Here, at Tiger General, we like to say swabbing doesn’t cost money, it makes money. Why do we say that? Well, because it’s true. The oil and gas industry, like many other industries, has benefited from advances in technology. Through the process of swabbing, more and more oil is being recovered from wells that would have been abandoned years ago.

How does swabbing make me money?

When the well runs dry it can be abandoned. However, what it should be is swabbed. Swab rigs have been recovering oil from wells that were previously thought to be depleted. The swabbing process ensures you are getting every last drop of oil from the well. You wouldn’t just leave a pile of cash because it was a bit out of your reach, would you? You’d probably figure out a way to recover that cash. Swabbing does just that for oil companies all over the world.

The wells keep running

There’s an old saying in business that outlines how much more cost effective it is to keep a customer, as opposed to acquiring a new one. To compare that saying to the oil and gas industry, it’s much cheaper to tap into an existing well than it is to go drill a new one. Swabbing allows you to continue to use your current wells.

The money isn’t the only thing green about swabbing

Swabbing is much easier on the environment as well. Companies can focus on swabbing the wells that are already drilled, rather than expanding. There’s a lot of maintenance, inspection, constant repairs and potential hazards involved with wells. Swabbing old wells limits all of this.

Don’t just use any swab rig. Use the best.

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