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Is it Time for You to Upgrade to a New Swab Rig?

You’ve Got to Swab Your Well

As you know, regular swabbing means better production and a longer life for your well. Natural gas and oil wells experience build-up along the walls that can reduce the flow of the resource out of the well. Regular swabbing prevents this, and keeps your rig up and working when it needs to be. Swabbing can also bring an old, seemingly tapped-out well back to life, and may even give you a few more years out of it. You just don’t know what may still be in there until you swab.

The importance of swabbing means you need to have a swab rig on call or on your site. Generally, it is better to own your own swab rig, so it is always available whenever you need it. If you are engaging in regular swabbing, that rig is a crucial piece of machinery for your business. You’ll want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. This means, at some point, you are going to want or need to upgrade to a new swab rig to ensure your swabbing is doing its best work possible. How do you know when it is time to upgrade your swab rig?

Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Swab Rig

Here are some things to look for and be aware of when swabbing that will let you know.

  • There is a new model of the rig you use on the market. This usually means improvements in the performance of that model have been made. You want to keep your well operating at its best, so it is advisable to have the newest model on site at your drilling location.
  • Your old rig has recurring mechanical issues, or it keeps breaking down. You don’t want to spend money having to repair the same rig over and over again, so it makes more sense and saves more money to buy a new one.
  • Your swabbing is not totally cleaning your well. If that is true, it is usually your rig, and this means you need a new one.

Upgrading Can Improve Profitability

With an upgraded rig, your drilling will be more profitable, because your wells will be clean, and the cleaning itself will be done efficiently. This saves on lost production with downtime, as well as on repair costs. An upgraded rig can mean increased profitability for your business.

When looking for a new or upgraded swab rig, go for the best in the business. Tiger General LLC is a trusted name in swab rigs who  have been around for a while. As their website says:

“Our customers report that a regular swabbing program dramatically increases your production income.”

If they say it, you should believe it. Then, you should call Tiger General LLC when you need to upgrade your swab rig. They have the best in the industry waiting for you.

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