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Who is Tiger General?

You know we offer the best value at the best price for our premium oilfield equipment, but what else do you know about Tiger General? The Overholt family and Tiger General LLC have been building high-quality oilfield vehicles since 1925. From “Swab Master” Swab Rigs, to Winch Bed and Winch Tractors and all kinds of … Continued

October Oil and Gas News Round-Up

There’s a lot going on in our industry, so we thought we’d help you stay up to date with some of the current news. Here’s a brief oil and gas news round-up, including some of the hottest stories that got our attention during the month of October. 

The Impact of Tiger Logging

Last week we talked about Tiger Vision, one of the things that makes our equipment superior. Today we’re going to focus on Tiger Logging, part of our patented and proprietary Tiger Vision tool. Learn why we have the confidence to tell you that if our equipment doesn’t do everything we told you it would, we’ll … Continued

Getting to Know Tiger General

Tiger General sells the best swab rigs in the land – not just in Ohio. But you already know that. However, we offer so much more. Whether you’re looking for that new swab rig, or you need a winch truck, vacuum truck or a dump truck, we’ve got you covered. There are numerous ways we … Continued

Produced With Pride – Tiger General Swab Master Rig

Tiger General swab master rigs are intentionally produced to last a long time, be affordable to maintain, and be safe to operate. There are many unique technologies that Tiger General has developed throughout the decades of working with and developing oil field technology and products. These American made systems are created for the benefit of domestic … Continued

“Tiger Vision with Logging”

Tiger General, LLC offers a patented and proprietary hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring solution that is built on Windows 7. It had numerous advantages in oil field environment, through the use of it’s touch screen operation and its color coded gauges, with real time engine and rig data. For operator of Swab Rigs, this technology is critical. … Continued

Swabbing Safely

Swabbing is by far the most efficient method to bring “loaded up” well production back to full production. Swabbing doesn’t cost, it pays back big time. Some people believe that swabbing might be dangerous, however it is not the case today. Safe is a relative word. Swabbing with your new Swab Master Machine, following proper … Continued

Pioneer Natural Resources Boost Oil Production

Pioneer Natural Resources recently reported that its earnings have beat its projected estimates, with production growth slated to be over 13% this year. Prior estimates had hovered at 12%, but the shale oil reserves have produced more crude oil than they had initially estimated. As with many other shale gas and oil companies, Pioneer Natural Resources … Continued