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The Impact of Tiger Logging

Last week we talked about Tiger Vision, one of the things that makes our equipment superior. Today we’re going to focus on Tiger Logging, part of our patented and proprietary Tiger Vision tool. Learn why we have the confidence to tell you that if our equipment doesn’t do everything we told you it would, we’ll buy it back. 

Logging Action Items

  1. Logs the time you start into the well
  2. Logs the depth at which you hit fluid (load indicator, shows unloading)
  3. Logs your start time back up the well
  4. Logs the depth location where you start out of the well
  5. Shows your line speeds
  6. Load sense gauge shows when load is insufficient, letting the operator obtain maximum fluid loads per run. 
  7. Logs new start back up point and time
  8. Logs when back up to top or starting point
  9. Logs your times at all points

The Logging Process

Tiger Logging records every relevant action and includes a timestamp. The system works with you, too. Start it as soon as you get to the well site to log operations and times right away. When you start at the top of the well, it will zero out the depthometer. As your tool lowers into the well, the system will display the depth and load, increasing as more cable weight descends into the well.

Once you hit fluid, the weight indicator will immediately change and the time will be logged. Your operator will know exactly how deep they are into the well. Tiger Logging records where the fluid is hit on each run. This data helps the well operator evaluate well status and downhole information, but also helps them to know how much deeper to go into the well and how long a column of fluid can be lifted out of the well. 

For example, traditionally, your operator may use personal experience to decide to get 1000 feet of fluid up in their 2” tubing. With Tiger Vision, the operator can confidently go to 1000 feet and start back out of the well with their precise column of fluid. Tiger Logging will note the exact depth, what time and how far down until the stop point the fluid first hit. 

If you’re operating without Tiger Vision, your operators are guessing at how much load they have. Additionally, if you have a gassy well, it can impact the accuracy of your lift. You could then end up getting less fluid and more gas than you expected, losing out on your maximum efficiency needs. With complete data, you get more fluid in less runs. The operator looks good and the well owner is happy. Everyone wins. 

Tiger Vision with Tiger Logging Gets You More Money

With our superior machines, Tiger Vision helps you get the most out of your equipment, your operator and your wells. Don’t waste your time and money. Get what you need at Tiger General. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.