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Produced With Pride – Tiger General Swab Master Rig

Tiger General swab master rigs are intentionally produced to last a long time, be affordable to maintain, and be safe to operate. There are many unique technologies that Tiger General has developed throughout the decades of working with and developing oil field technology and products. These American made systems are created for the benefit of domestic oil companies and are produced with a lifetime of pride.

Durable, Reliable, and Well-Built

The goal of Tiger General swab master rigs is to be built with as few parts as possible. These parts are specifically designed to be durable and reliable, so there’s less likelihood of mechanical failure and so that the system as a whole is easy to repair and maintain. If your swab master rig needs repairs, these repairs can be completed quickly and on the field. Because they are built from the most durable parts from the beginning, each individual part is less likely to fail. Unlike other swab rig manufacturers, the swab rigs made by Tiger General are made from the best quality of equipments from the bottom up. This creates fewer points of failure.

Easy to Use, Lightweight Frame With Advanced Technology

Because the Tiger General swab master rigs use fewer parts, they are also lighter. With a strong and well-developed frame, these machines can be used and taken anywhere. 92% of the power in the machine is delivered directly to the drum, which compares to just over 60% for other machines. This equipment is optimized to be able to use its energy better, which also means that it’s more effective while on the field as a whole. This system also has advanced technology such as gauges that are designed to tell the operator when to operate and when to stop. These gauges keep the operator safer and also mean that they are able to operate the machinery more effectively.

The Ability to Purchase New, Used, or Reconditioned

In addition to creating the best technology, Tiger General offers numerous options for purchase, ranging from new, used, or reconditioned setups. Used and reconditioned machines are still developed with the best quality in mind, so that they are still on par with brand new technologies. For companies that are interested in saving money while still acquiring the best in technology, used and reconditioned machines are usually the best possible option. Because these machines are still made from durable parts, they will still require very little by way of repairs and maintenance over the rest of their usable lifetime.

If you are interested in swab master rigs that will last decades to come, Tiger General is the answer. Contact Tiger General, LLC today to learn more about getting the best in swab master rigs and other oil field equipment. New, reconditioned, and used — Tiger General has everything you need.