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“Tiger Vision with Logging”

Tiger General, LLC offers a patented and proprietary hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring solution that is built on Windows 7. It had numerous advantages in oil field environment, through the use of it’s touch screen operation and its color coded gauges, with real time engine and rig data. For operator of Swab Rigs, this technology is critical.

The Advanced Technology of Swab Rigs

Real-time optional logging systems can be either printed out through a spreadsheet or connected to through a mobile device. In fact, it can be connected to anywhere in the world, which means that a single internet connection can make it easier to manage swabbing while production engineers stay home.

Maximum Efficiency through Tiger General

In the past the swabbing rig operator guessed, based upon his personal experience, where fluid is; usually by sounds or seeing the slack in the cable when fluid is “hit.” Hand depth counters are also used, but this can be dangerous because another person needs to hold the hand wheel on the moving cable. Tiger Vision eliminates the danger of possible personal injury from an operator getting caught in the moving cable while using hand counter wheel.

Through Tiger Vision and Tiger Logging, you get maximum loads every run. Tiger Vision takes the guesswork out to avoid runs that come up empty. Tiger Vision is a patented, proprietary tool to increase efficiency and safety, by delivering down hole information that will aid the operator, engineers and well owner.

How Tiger Vision Logging Works

Tiger Vision logs absolutely everything important about the well head for the benefit of the operator.

  1. Logs start into well time.
  2. Logs depth where fluid is hit.
  3. Logs start time back up well.
  4. Logs location depth of where you start back out of well.
  5. Shows line speeds.
  6. Special: If the load sense gauge shows insufficient loads at the start, operator can stop. The operator can then go down deeper to get maximum fluid loads per run.
  7. Logs new start back up point.
  8. Logs new start up point depth.
  9. Logs when back up to top or starting point.
  10. Logs times at all points

Get Maximum Yields With Tiger Vision

Tiger Vision doesn’t just improve operator safety and make it easier for operators to work. It also means that operators are able to recover better yields, which swabbing is critical for. Tiger Vision is able to warn the operator when there might not be an optimal load, through a weight indicator. The operator is able to just based on the data they are receiving whether swabbing would be fruitful.

All wells are different. It can be impossible for an operator to make a decision purely based on their experience and what they see at the well. The Tiger Vision system gives information that is valuable to the operators. For more information about what Tiger General has to offer, contact them for a quote.