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Swabbing Safely

Swabbing is by far the most efficient method to bring “loaded up” well production back to full production. Swabbing doesn’t cost, it pays back big time. Some people believe that swabbing might be dangerous, however it is not the case today.

Safe is a relative word.

Swabbing with your new Swab Master Machine, following proper hook ups and tool string recommendations will make your swabbing operations safe.

Any operation around a well can have inherent hazards. Operations such as work overs, coiled tubing jobs, and well issues all might cause harm. But this can be prevented by making sure you practice the standard operating safety procedures, along with experience and good judgement.

Tiger General LLC Strongly states. Do not operate anything at a wellhead if you are not properly trained in safe operations.

Please use the following recommendations and your own good judgement to swab safely.

Watch for dangers and Listen you your inner fears to help stay alive in those Unusual situations

We recommend 10,000 PSI. well head connections as follows:

First, on top of the crown tubing valve, Install a four way manifold with two side ball valves. A choke on one side both plumbed or piped to flow line or tank. Some wells need unrestricted flow to tank. Sometimes the operator might need to Balance each side of the 4-way manifold.

Next, install a hand operated BOP on top of the 4-way manifold. On top of the BOP, hook up a two-piece lubricator the length of the tools with oil saver on top of the stack. Swab Master Machines have “Tiger Vision” ports for casing and tubing pressure gauges on the lubricator or well head. If a well “kicks off” Choke the flow to put back pressure on the well until the well settles back down.

Choking the well will allow enough time to bring the tools back up, into the lubricator. Flow the well until pressure and flow “settles back down.” If “Choking” the flow does not work to slow pressure and flow down, Stop the swabbing. Close off the BOP. If possible start winding up the cable moving very slowly up and out of the well. Monitor the weight indicator  to make sure you still are pulling cable out of the well.  Or stop and wait for well to settle down or equalize.

Differences in wells and locations might require Differences in hooks ups and tooling.


Usual tooling starts with a swivel rope socket, properly attached to the swab cable.

Next Sinker bars, usually weighing about 40-70 pounds total. Some wells might require heavier and different sinker bar hook ups. Next a set of jars in case tooling gets stuck in the well. Next, a knuckle joint swab mandrel with swab cups to fit the casing or tubing size.

Anti-kick out tool at the 2nd sinker bar.

This is utilized in the event of a down hole “kick” that is pushing the tools up and out of the well. Usually signified by cable unloading.  As the weight comes off the tools, the spring loaded anti kick tool has arms that spring out to engage the tubing to stop the tool blow out.

Down hole operator.

An experienced swab rig operator uses the sounds, his sight and senses to guess what might be happening in the down hole operations. However, Tiger General people believe the operator needs far more accurate information to be the safest and efficient. This is why we invented Tiger Vision many years ago.

Tiger Vision.

Tiger Vision is a Tiger General, LLC Patented Proprietary hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring system built on Microsoft Windows 7 platform.  It utilizes a standard solid state touch screen computer to record, save, and display on screen incoming Swab Master and engine electronic data.  The data is displayed using sweeping analog/digital color coded gauges for the operator to monitor in real time truck engine and rig operating systems.

This system provides the operator with down hole information such as depth (in and out of the well), line speed, gross and net loads, system pressures, charge pressure, tubing and wellhead pressures.  Data output for the gauges can be selected and shown on the display in either English or Metric.

Programmable depth alarm warning horns are used to indicate when tooling is reaching the top of the well with warning light indicators. Set up is easily done with the help of Configuration screens.  All data can be down loaded to laptop or mobile devices.  Computer comes with keyboard, powered with a 12V to 110V inverter, and protected with a battery power back up.

Optional Data logging allows anyone you choose to view the data in Real Time and print out on spreadsheet report, Anywhere in the world.

Tiger General Swab Master Machines have always been the Leader in Swabbing. No one is even close to our Field Proven Direct Drive Hydraulic Machines with Exclusive Patented “Tiger Vision” Down hole information systems. Invest with the proven leader in swabbing. Swab Master Machines will bring your production roaring back easily.