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Who is Tiger General?

You know we offer the best value at the best price for our premium oilfield equipment, but what else do you know about Tiger General? The Overholt family and Tiger General LLC have been building high-quality oilfield vehicles since 1925. From “Swab Master” Swab Rigs, to Winch Bed and Winch Tractors and all kinds of specialized truck bodies, you can count on us.

What Does Tiger General Sell?

If you don’t know, we sell both used and new trucks in medium and heavy-duty styles. We sell various brands, such as International, Western Star, Clement, Ford and Freightliner. We offer you the best, most well-engineered products we can find. We have the hydraulic drive swabbing rigs, offshore modular ocean remote location service rigs, double drum hydraulic drive rigs and Clement scrap, sand and stone, as well as big rock frameless dump trailers.

Everything we sell comes with Rock Solid after sale support by our company. We believe in what we sell, so we make sure to stay with you long after money is exchanged. We also make sure everything we sell is designed and specified to your needs, so you can get your job done correctly, confidently and efficiently. We’ll continue to work with you in regards to parts and service while committing ourselves to fully investigate any problem areas you discover. At Tiger General, we ensure that all issues are resolved quickly and fairly. 

Who is Tiger General?

We only have the best people working with our team. Everyone here is sincere and honest, as well as educated and thoroughly trained on what they are doing. We work hard to make your job easier. Years ago, Henry Arnold (Bovie) Overholt set the standard at Tiger General—a fair price for a good honest day’s work. We still operate under that standard today, and our workers love a good challenge. If something gets complicated, we roll up our sleeves, put our skills together and get to the root of the problem. We take pride in knowing what we’re doing.

Here’s a few of our staff membersyou can call us anytime:

  • Mark Overholt is company President. 330-735-4949 ext 122
  • Sherry Overholt is Vice President 330-735-4949 ext 133
  • John Wroblewski is Purchasing/Parts Manager 330-735-4949 ext 161
  • Moises DeLeon is our spanish speaking International Technical Sales Rep. 210-848-8397
  • Ali Ibrahim is our Mid-East Sales Rep/UAEreach him at ali@tigergeneral.com

Our standard sales and service hours are Monday–Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. Special hours can be prearranged. Our toll free number is 800-433-5609. 

Get the Quality You Deserve at Tiger General

Tiger General should always be your first choice for premium high-quality gas and oil field equipment. Learn more about our products at our website, or fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.