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Tiger General’s Top Posts of All Time

Tiger General originated in 1925, which means we’ve seen, experienced and even written a lot throughout our almost 100 years. We’ve seen the industry evolve, and as a result, we’ve also grown and adapted. However, throughout our years here, there have been a few articles that have withstood the test of time. That’s why we are … Continued

Five Oil and Gas Apps Worth Downloading

Mobile apps are becoming a standard for nearly every industry, and oil and gas is no exception. With the growth of our industry comes the growth of related technology. We checked out a few free apps that apply to the gas and oil fields. Have you tried any of these? Rigzone – Oil and Gas … Continued

The Truth About Zero Emissions Vehicles

Zero emissions vehicles may not exactly be as their moniker claims. Zero emissions vehicles are designed to appear environmentally friendly due to the fact that they do not emit greenhouse gases, which are believed to adversely impact the climate. However, many zero emissions vehicles have an impact that is either similar to or even more than … Continued


Friends, The UK “Brexit” Proves that the people of the world are fed up with bureaucracies “multi-culturalism”, And the “Status Quo” Elitists.  This is why Donald Trump’s ideas are so popular In 1973 when the EU was formed by 28 countries they made up 36% of the world economy. Today they make up 17%. Thank … Continued

Gas-Fired Power Plants Are Coming To Ohio

Creating 4,000 jobs throughout Ohio, a total of seven gas-fired power plants are either presently being developed or planned for development within the state. There are currently four gas-fired power plants under construction, two pending, and one completed, with a total of 5.85 million households serviced and an investment of $6 billion within the local … Continued

Facts About Natural Gas You Didn’t Know

With the recent boom in natural gas production, gas has been in the news quite a bit. Alongside of the benefits of reduced emissions for power plants, cheap heating energy for homes, and a possible alternative to gasoline for cars, here are some other things that you probably didn’t know about natural gas. We’ve Been … Continued

How To Remove Rust From An Oil Field Truck

Rust happens, and when it does it’s important to address it as quickly as possible before your entire truck falls apart. Oil field trucks can be particularly susceptible to rust, if only because of their size and the amount of wear they get. You can remove rust and prevent damage safely with these directions. Supplies: … Continued

The 6 Best Oilfield-Based Television Shows

Dallas This may seem like cheating, but it certainly is not. This is the series that gave the public a behind-the-scenes peek into the exciting albeit fictional side of the oil business. The antics and shenanigans employed by J.R. Ewing against his brother Bobby as he fought for complete control of the family oil business … Continued

Hidden Life: Underwater Oil Rigs

A decommissioned offshore oil rig is one that an oil company no longer uses, however, has not been removed from the ocean floor. The cost of removal is $3 million, and many environmental groups claim that the environment would suffer if the artificial reefs that form around them while in use were destroyed during the … Continued

4 Roughneck Jokes That Will Have You Rolling In Laughter

There are a lot of jokes about oilrig workers floating around the Internet, but that’s okay because Roughnecks laugh as hard as they work, even at themselves. Roughnecks are Good at the Sensitive Stuff From Drilling Ahead: Three Roughnecks were working up in the derrick: John, Lonnie and Donnie. As they start their descent John slips, … Continued