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The Truth About Zero Emissions Vehicles

Zero emissions vehicles may not exactly be as their moniker claims. Zero emissions vehicles are designed to appear environmentally friendly due to the fact that they do not emit greenhouse gases, which are believed to adversely impact the climate. However, many zero emissions vehicles have an impact that is either similar to or even more than gasoline powered vehicles for a very simple reason: they aren’t counting the emissions of the manufacturing process.

How Zero Emissions Vehicles May Be Misleading

The “zero” in zero emissions vehicles is a misleading characterization. Studies have shown that zero emissions vehicles can really be only up to 10% more efficient than a gasoline vehicle, if that. There may not be such a thing as a zero emissions vehicle at all.

Greenwashing is the act of making it appear as though a company or a product is more environmentally friendly than it is, and it’s something that is occurring within the vehicle and automobile industry. Greenwashing can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Not educating the public regarding a trade off. For instance, though it may be environmentally friendly to recycle paper, it also requires energy to make new paper from old paper — sometimes more energy than it would take to harvest the new paper initially.
  • Not providing proof for claims. In the car industry, there are many ways in which claims can be made but not proven by fact, especially when there is not yet a regulatory body of standards.
  • Being too vague about claims. Zero emissions focuses on one area: emissions. It does not focus on the other harm that could come to the environment, such as through the process of manufacturing.
  • Creating labels. Zero emissions is, in itself, a label that is now considered to be desirable, but (as noted) may actually mean nothing in terms of an actual vehicle. Because it is not rooted in meaning, it’s considered to be greenwashing.

Fraud During Emissions Testing

Fraud also has occurred in emissions testing even recently, and may be occurring when it comes to potentially eco friendly vehicles. Because there is a necessity for the auto industry to push greenwashed vehicles, it has also become a necessity for them to alter emissions results to meet current emissions standards. Thus customers may be mislead not only by the misnomer regarding “zero emissions” vehicles but also by the tests themselves, which may not be accurate.

Ultimately it’s important to note that though there may be options in the future, gasoline cars are still extremely efficient machines and they are constantly getting more efficient. Gasoline improves upon our economy, making it cheaper to travel and to ship, and therefore ultimately funds research into the environmental protections that are truly necessary. For decades, Tiger General, LLC has been proudly supporting the oil and gas industry, and has seen it grow and benefit the United States. For companies interested in new and used oil field equipment, Tiger General, LLC has efficient options available for you.