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Tiger General’s Top Posts of All Time

Tiger General originated in 1925, which means we’ve seen, experienced and even written a lot throughout our almost 100 years. We’ve seen the industry evolve, and as a result, we’ve also grown and adapted. However, throughout our years here, there have been a few articles that have withstood the test of time. That’s why we are sharing our top posts of all time.

Top Posts #1: The Environmental Benefits Of Fracking

Hundreds—actually, thousands—of articles focus on the environmental downside of hydraulic fracturing. However, few people direct any attention toward the environmental positives of fracking. 

You didn’t know there are positives? Our point exactly.

This article highlights such benefits such as the fact that natural gas replaces coal power. Also, fracking brings energy investors into local economies. These investors put their money toward charity groups that perform environmental work and help the community. Plus, many of the safety concerns are unfounded.

You can read more about all of the above here

Top Posts #2: How To Get a Job In The Oil Field With No Experience

This article is especially helpful right now, with so many currently looking for jobs or even new career fields. There are definite benefits to working in the oil field. But how can you break into it—especially without previous experience?

In this post, we go over the basic qualifications of working in the oil field, any schooling that would be beneficial to you, how to properly locate yourself and more. 

You can find the post here

Top Posts #3: Average Roughneck And Other Oil Field Salaries

Speaking of oil jobs, the third most popular post of ours focuses on oil field salaries—specifically the average roughneck salary. In this article, we dive into the average salaries for accountants (for all the paperwork in the oil field), Derrick Hands, Drillers, Roughnecks, Toolpushers and many more. 

You can find this article here

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