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The UK “Brexit” Proves that the people of the world are fed up with bureaucracies “multi-culturalism”,
And the “Status Quo” Elitists.  This is why Donald Trump’s ideas are so popular

In 1973 when the EU was formed by 28 countries they made up 36% of the world economy. Today they make up 17%. Thank you government genesis.

We are all Fed up with Stifling government regulations and over taxation to Feed the government
Pig’s growing appetite. Brexit is a good start to crush out of control governments, and protect Our out of control borders

Expanding governments growth by Debt  is total insanity. The financial leaders in the world are simply Stupid know it all’s who think they are geniuses.  So Sad.

Other than Military trading. Why do we have to ask governments permission to trade with anyone? Because governments are always looking for more of our hard earned money.

We should be like electronic information. Today if flows freely across borders.  However government Geniuses are trying to tax it too. More crushing stupidity. Lets say NO More!

“Free Trade” is all B.S. Pages and pages of crushing rules.  A Mexican buying a Swab Master Machines pays about $40,000 in Free trade “import Taxes” This is “Free Trade”??  Same with lots of countries. We can feel the free trade stifling agreements.

Same in most world countries. We sold 3 Swab Master Machines in Punta Arenas (bottom of the world) it is a free trade zone. Business is great there. No import taxes. Lots of things enter Punta Arenas. Then drive to Argentina or Chile

Government morons Outrageous tax fees stifle business and usually produce far less than the government  Elitists say they will get.

Free Trade is simple. One sentence. “We will not tax your imports. You will not tax our exports into your country”……..Da…

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My comments in this post were sugar coated to protect the feelings of Liberals

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