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Five Oil and Gas Apps Worth Downloading

Mobile apps are becoming a standard for nearly every industry, and oil and gas is no exception. With the growth of our industry comes the growth of related technology. We checked out a few free apps that apply to the gas and oil fields. Have you tried any of these?

Rigzone – Oil and Gas News + Jobs

Rigzone is dual purpose, as the app provides relevant news and also helps job hunters find work in gas and oil. Their news is updated hourly by in-house editors, and they cover all breaking energy news out of all major production areas. You can save interesting articles and set notifications for things you don’t want to miss. 

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

No matter how involved you are in the oil and gas industry, there still could be some puzzling words that come up. That’s where the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary comes in. It’s detailed and double checked, so you can trust what you read. It’s also illustrated when needed and provides a list of possible acronyms for popular oil and gas-related terms. Turn to this resource to be equipped to keep up with any conversation and showcase your in-depth understanding of the oil industry.

Arrow Engine Company – Oil & Gas

If you’re stressing about the day-to-day changes in oil and gas prices, Arrow Engine Company has a good app to help provide some peace of mind. You can check natural gas prices, as well as the shares from DOW Jones and NASDAQ. It compares today’s prices to yesterday’s, helping you keep track of the changes. Conveniently, the app also calculates the percentages of the rise and fall of prices. 

Baker Hughes Rig Count

This one is extremely informative. The Baker Hughes Rig Count app gives you an interactive map that displays each of the oil, gas and thermal rigs that Baker Hughes owns. You can choose either satellite view or a standard map, as well as select a specific rig to see the well type, location, depth and trajectory of it. You’re probably looking at this rig count already, so why not use the app to make it fast and easy?

LOGA – Oil & Gas News

This one was created by the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association but does cover additional areas. LOGA will keep you connected to both LA local and national news that affects the oil and gas industry. It has a plethora of editorial and opinion articles to help keep you in the know. You can browse the news by topic and look at a calendar for oil and gas-related events. 

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