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DOT Service Hour Regulations for Oilfield Drivers

Your fleet of trucks and rigs get put through their paces on the jobsite. Furthermore, each is subject to the normal wear and tear of your demanding industry. While it’s important to stay vigilant about regular maintenance to ensure every vehicle remains safe throughout its lifetime, it is equally as important to ensure your drivers’ … Continued

Oil and Gas Projections for the Fall

Well, the projections for oil and gas are out from the U.S. Energy Information Administration for the short term, which means we have oil and gas projections for this fall. Oil and gas is what runs our country, so pay close attention to how the market affects our profits and  the economy. Let me get … Continued

A Brief Guide to Purchasing an Oil Field Truck

So, you’re looking to purchase an oil field truck. Whether this is your first time buying equipment, or you’re an old pro, it’s important to buy the best vehicle for your money. Your business depends on having a reliable piece of equipment that won’t leave you stranded in the field and losing money while your … Continued

Is it Time for You to Upgrade to a New Swab Rig?

You’ve Got to Swab Your Well As you know, regular swabbing means better production and a longer life for your well. Natural gas and oil wells experience build-up along the walls that can reduce the flow of the resource out of the well. Regular swabbing prevents this, and keeps your rig up and working when … Continued

How to Make Your Oil Field Trucks Run Longer

Having an operating oil field means having a lot of responsibilities, and one of those is making sure the oil field trucks are running as well as they can for as long as they can. To make oil field trucks run longer, start with basic maintenance. When you know what to do to keep your … Continued

How the Oil and Gas Industry Impacts the US Economy

It’s hard to ever imagine the United States without oil and gas. We use gas and oil to heat our homes; we use petroleum distilled from oil to run our vehicles and various light machinery; and we use oil and gas to power our cities. In fact, I can’t imagine what our world would be … Continued

How a Regular Swabbing Program Can Increase Well Production

Swabbing a well makes good business sense, and is an art form unto itself. A regular swabbing program can wring a few more years of production out of old wells, and can also increase production on newer, more active wells. Either way, this means more money for your business. That makes the investment into swabbing … Continued

The Importance of a Vacuum Truck to the Oil and Gas Industry

Like other highly specialized industries, the oil and gas industry requires  specialized transportation vehicles that do more than just move people around.  Vacuum trucks, for example, are designed to be highly durable and able to pump out what’s needed into the tank and deliver  it to the desired location. Do you need a vacuum truck? … Continued

Oil and Gas Industry Set for Continued Growth

  After nearly eight years of price declines and regulatory burdens, the domestic oil and gas industry has experienced two years of growth and expansion. Oil prices have more than doubled since hitting a low of nearly $30 per barrel in January 2016. American oil and gas companies have increased their capital spending by nearly … Continued