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Tiger General’s Swab Master Machine Story

If you are a producer or service company, the facts are the same—you’ll make far more money when your wells are on a regular scheduled swabbing program. The Swab Master Swabbing Machines are fast, powerful and easy to operate and maintain. They are field proven to work hard and live long, productive lives. This post will focus on how our Swab Master Machine will help you maximize production profits. 

The Swab Master Name

The story begins in the front of the rig with the direct, hydraulic drive system. The Sunstrand Hydraulic Piston Pumps are driven by the truck’s engine, and they’re protected inside the rugged oil field bumper. The swept back bumper gives you more turning clearance and protects the hydraulic pumps and plumbing system.

The clean, rugged design continues with the direct hydraulic drive Swab Master drum—no chains, no sprockets and far less maintenance. These standard core elements make every Swab Master Machine produced by Tiger General fast, powerful and efficient.

Swab Master Overview

We use massive, American-made, premium Sealmaster Bearings to support the Swab Master drum. An added standard feature like the cable-marking grooves on the drum benefit your operator, allowing him to better estimate the positions in the well. 

All Swab Master Machines come equipped with a Tiger General auto spooling device to level wind cable correctly and efficiently. The spooling shiv is fitted with a grease and drip-lube system. The unique hydrostatic braking system is simple and durable. Just pinch off the ball valve to slow free fall into the well. Tiger Vision tells you where you are in the well. You also get dual hydraulic Carlisle 20 inch disc brakes to provide the temporary parking brake and backup support. 

The hydraulic plumbing system is neat and durable. All plumbing lines are routed and mounted properly to prevent wear. Hydraulic hoses are properly installed to reduce stresses.

The tall and slim hydraulic oil tank is designed to help you combat moisture. We use only premium moisture absorbing absolute style oil filters and premium Shell Tellus T hydraulic oil.

Our premium designs give your machines a far longer life. The Swab Master Easy Mast tilt system makes it easier to align your machine to the wellhead. You get 40 foot under the crown to accommodate those high well trees. 

The bolt on crown shiv assembly and bolted swing frame hinge allows for perfect alignment with the crown shiv to Swab drum. This helps ensure far more accurate spooling of your cable. 

Grease plug ports and site hole plug allow for easy greasing of the massive dual five inch diameter needle bearings. The enclosed crown frame drains into the storage tank that can be pressurized to unload fluids back into the well. 

The temperature controlled crew and operator’s cabin help ensure your operator achieves maximum productivity on long, hot or cold days.

Tiger Vision

Tiger Vision is our exclusive down hole information center. This system allows your operator to know his exact depth and gives him the gross and net weight of the production fluid he is pulling out of the well. With Tiger Vision, you are far more productive because you eliminate dry runs.

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