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Product Highlight: The Vac Master Vacuum Truck

Tiger General’s Vac Master Vacuum Trucks deliver the best value for your money.

We use all-premium components that are only assembled by experienced craftsmen. The tank shell comes in two diameters: 72” and 78”. Whether you need a short truck with more maneuverability or a longer truck to accommodate extra lift axels to meet federal bridge laws, Tiger General has what you need.

All tanks are double-welded with one or two baffles. All baffles are reinforced and welded properly. Oversized 24” manways top and bottom rear are standard. Engineered access ladders with grip steps help prevent slipping. Side trays are 100 percent welded with additional bracing underneath.

Tiger General uses a unique low stress tank mounting system featuring large cross-bolted rear and restricted spring mounts at the front. This allows frame flex as needed.

The tank sits on a one-inch thick “T” Rubber Cushion to give extra flex and eliminates squeaks and banging. All Vac Master tanks are coated with two-stage aluminized epoxy coating to help combat corrosion and extend tank life.

The standard four-inch primary top portal shut off, with six-inch stainless steel ball and rubber seat helps stop air flow and water from getting into the vacuum pump when the tank is full. You also get standard rollover protection to help prevent leaks in case of an accident.

A secondary moisture trap in the non-corroding aluminum tank gives further protection and exclusive third-filter screen gives you maximum pump protection.

You get standard, the American-made, national vacuum pumping system with gear-driven oil lube pump and your choice of air and water-cold pump. The standard NVE 607 vacuum pump delivers 357 CFM free airflow and supports pressure pumping with a seven-blade pump system.

Tiger General uses the big NVE 866 pumping system on all 110-barrel vac tank systems. You get 519 CFM free airflow, water cooled pump is standard.

At the back of the truck, where most of the work is done, Tiger General gives you lower, easier hookups, extra ports and standard left side stand pipe to help you load far faster, especially in skimming situations.

The rugged rear eight-inch square tubing bumper protects the valves and meets ICC bumper regulations—and yes, it even provides a place to sit while loading.

Additional options available include heated valves, Bed Liner coated side trays, extra custom toolboxes, tire chain hooks, front oilfield bumpers, lever site filled gages or any other option your job requires. We will make sure you get exactly what you need to get your job done efficiently and make lots of money with your Tiger General Vacuum Trucks.

Bottom line, own the finest, best engineered vac trucks in the industry. We won’t be the cheapest or the most expensive. But we will deliver your best value because we use all premium components put together with experienced, topnotch people. Go with a proven leader who delivers rock-solid after sales support—Tiger General’s Vac Master Trucks.

Learn more about our Vac Master Vacuum Trucks by visiting our YouTube.