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How Oil & Gas Innovations Benefit the World

The oil and gas industry has always been on the frontline of new ideas. When your industry is constantly changing, you need to be constantly innovating. Oil and Gas has to make constant improvements and adjustments to its processes and technologies. This kind of innovation is now impacting industries worldwide.

Sustainable and Renewable Technologies

Geothermal energy has always had hurdles to overcome. Recent advancements in Oil & Gas have begun to make some of those a little easier. When tapping into hot rocks standard drill bits and other equipment were melting. Making the job impossible. With research done for the purposes of drilling gas and oil our industry developed drill bits that were double the heat rating of standard equipment. This opens up many more opportunities for geothermal energy.

Advances in Medical Science

Reservoir models may be commonplace in gas and oil, but recent studies have shown promise for using the technology to interpret MRIs. There are some perhaps surprising similarities between oil reservoirs and the human brain. Both are a dual=porosity media, and this could help lead to a breakthrough in the study of MRIs.

Another thing we’ve been using for years is fiber optic technology. We use this to monitor oil well habits such as pressure changes. Do you know what else has pressure changes? That’s right, the human body. Research has begun in adapting fiber-optic sensors to take pressure measurements within the human body via arteries. This could help doctors discover and determine the severity of blockages to the heart faster. Possibly guided patients to the safer less invasive therapies when possible.

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