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How Swab Master Swab Rigs Increase Profitability and Productivity

While news headlines around the world remind us of the economic downturn spreading its way through every corner of the globe, many are ignoring or unaware the immediate ramifications the COVID-19 situation is having on the Oil & Gas Industry. We’re in the unique situation of a two-pronged attack. Recent arguments between Saudi Arabia and Russia have led to rock bottom oil prices while the demand for gas at the pump has fallen more sharply than ever. 

If you’re trying to fully understand the situation, this video is a great place to start: 

The Crisis Going on Right Now that You’re Not Being Told About, by Jack Chapple


So where does that leave Oil and Gas companies still holding on? It’s no secret our industry isn’t immune. According to the video above, over 200 North American oil companies have already filed for bankruptcy this year alone. That’s why maintaining both profitability and productivity are more important than ever. But how?

It starts with maintaining the wells you already have. Swabbing your already-productive wells helps restore them to their former glory and boosts their productivity. Stop leaving money in the ground and make your current wells more profitable.   

Bring Old Wells Back Up to Speed in Less Than a Day

Like we said earlier, you’ve got money just waiting for you. Right in the ground. Why would you leave it down there? Especially in the current economic climate. Did you know that one day of swabbing your old wells can bring the roaring back into full production? Now, imagine swabbing all of your wells and increasing their productivity across your operation. See where we’re going with this?

What would you rather do? Spend however much money and energy digging new wells with no guarantee of success, OR invest in the wells you already have? Let’s put it in terms of real dollars. Let’s say a freshly swabbed well yields an extra 500 barrels per day and each of those barrels sells for $40. That’s $20,000 you’re missing out on every single day, $600,000 every month!   

Tiger General Swab Masters Get You More Money

When it comes to return on investment, you’re not going to do any better than a Tiger General Swab Master swab rig. Period. Our Swab Masters are some of the most well-engineered and field-proven swab rigs on the market. Just ask around. We use all premium components, hydraulics, and steel. We inspect every single machine before you buy it and stand behind it with our Rock Solid After Sale Support. 

With Tiger Vision, you can even take your swabbing game to a higher level—that means even more productivity and efficiency. Our proprietary, onboard software and hardware takes the guesswork out of swabbing any well. Your operators will think Christmas has come early. That’s because Tiger Vision sees what you can’t. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and helps you clean and flush wells with maximum efficiency so their yield is just as high as the day they were drilled. 

Restore Your Wells the Right Way with a Tiger General Swab Master Swab Rig

Don’t lie down and accept this recession without a fight. Show this virus nothing’s going to stop your operation from thriving, no matter what the market looks like. Learn more about the Tiger General Swab Master swab rig. You’ll see it’s the best decision you can make for yourself, your employees and your profits.