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10 Reasons a Swab Master is the Perfect Swabbing Rig

No matter what the economic landscape looks like, getting the most of your equipment and putting more money in your pocket are always a priority. Let’s face it, some strategies are more fruitful than others. All of that exploratory drilling can be a bust. Hiring a bigger crew can lead to more than a few headaches. That’s where a good swabbing rig comes in. 

Tiger General aims to help you boost productivity and profit. In other words, bringing your old wells back to their former glory just makes sense. Swab Master swabbing rigs from Tiger General are the only choice for keeping the most cash in your pocket. Here are just a few reasons why. 

1. Bring Old Wells Back to Life with a Swab Master Swabbing Rig

The saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You know which wells historically yield the best results. Why walk away from them? With a Swab Master swabbing rig, you’ll get your old wells producing like they used to. 

2. Don’t Spend Time Drilling More

You won’t have to rely on exploratory drilling as much, saving you time, resources and money. That your time-tested wells are back to their former glory, you can make more money on an already-proven well. 

3. Make More Money

Let’s break it down a little bit. Let’s say you spend 1 day using a Swab Master swabbing rig to clean out your old wells. That one day of work could potentially yield a lot more profit. Let’s say you’re able to collect 500 more barrels a day from your newly-swabbed wells and those barrels sell for $40. That’s an extra $20,000 a day and an extra $600,000 a month. And it’s all just waiting for you in the ground. 

4. A Swabbing Rig Engineered by an American Company

Based Medina, Ohio, Tiger General is nearing 100 years of serving the global Oil & Gas Industry. We speak your language and approach every sale with the honesty and integrity you just won’t see elsewhere—all for a competitive price. Learn more about Tiger General and you’ll see why we’re the smart choice. 

5. Premium Quality Parts and Engineering

You don’t cut corners on the job, so why should your equipment? From design to build to work in the field, our Swab Master swabbing rigs are top-of-the-line and built to handle the toughest jobs you can dish out. We use nothing but the best, premium-quality hydraulics, steel and components. Our team of master technicians are seasoned veterans and built your rig right. Our owner personally inspects every piece of equipment before delivery. 

6. Tiger Vision Downhole Information System

Our patented and proprietary Tiger Vision software gives your swab operators more control than ever before. The touchscreen monitor is mounted right inside the cam, giving you all the data you need to bring your wells back to their former glory. With Tiger Vision, you can record, save and display in real time. Best yet, you can send all the data right to the office and print it out for your records. That way you can work smarter, not harder. 

7. Improve Oilfield Safety through a Smarter Swabbing Rig

Eliminate the guesswork and some of the risk of swabbing wells with the intuitive power of Tiger Vision. Operators might be used to making educated guesses based on measurements from a hand depth counter. Of course, that means there needs to be someone else to hold the hand wheel. With data now right at your fingertips, you can do away with hazardous tasks like this and divert that worker’s productivity elsewhere. 

8. Boost Operator Morale

With some of the best equipment on the market and the most cutting-edge tech. We can accommodate many modifications to ensure you and your team have the best rig for your unique needs. Through Tiger Vision and top-of-line gear, you’ll provide a great, and safer, working experience for every operator in your company. 

9. Rock Solid After-Sale Support

We stand behind every piece of equipment we build and sell. Question about your Swab Master? We’re here to help. One of the great things about doing business with a family-owned company is that you become part of the family. We know your success is our success. 


One more time before you go. Swab Master swabbing rigs help your business save money. During these uncertain times, can you think of a bigger priority? Invest in the right equipment to get the biggest return on your investment. 

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