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Restore Wells to Their Former Glory with a Swab Master

If you’ve got an older well that’s not quite living up to its former glory, it’s time for a Swab Master Swabbing Rig. Swabbing helps you access more production zones and get the most out of your wells. And the Swab Master Rig sold by Tiger General does it the best.

Why Swab Rig?

Swabbing is an essential part of oil and gas production. It helps create the ideal conditions needed for a good gas and oil yield. It creates needed pressure to push out the resources hidden within the well. Many times that pressure already exists in the well and the oil flows. But a well can get to a point where swabbing is needed to get it back to its full capacity. 

As your wells age fluid is collected and pressure is lost. Your return diminishes. But there may still be resources available in the ground here, and that’s money you’re just leaving in the ground. This is where a Swab Master Rig comes in. Your crew can use swabbing to remove built up liquid and rejuvenate your well and pressure. Now you are getting your money!

There are a few factors that can contribute to the need to swab your wells more often than expected. Pulling from the well too quickly can cause a drop in pressure. Using large drilling tools is another thing that can increase the need for swabbing. The thickness of the mud and and properties can also impact your well. These are just a few of the reasons you need to swab.

Why Swab Master Rigs are Best

As beneficial as it is to swab your wells when needed, using poor quality equipment can really hamper the amount of help it does. You also want to do it at the right time. You need to know your oilfield workers are well-trained and ready, with the best equipment for the job. And that’s the Swab Master Rig you get from Tiger General. We use only premium components in all our machines. Each truck is PERSONALLY inspected to make sure it meets your exact specifications. Our rigs can go to 16,000 feet with no problem. Size is not an issue for us. We will accommodate your needs. 

Plus you’ve got the added benefit of Tiger Vision Downhole Information system. This patented proprietary hardware/software combination is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. Look to learn all about it in an upcoming blog! But in the meantime know that it’s just one of many examples of how Tiger General and our Swab Master Rigs got the EXTRA mile for you! 

Restore Your Well to Glory with Tiger General

For all the information you can find about our Swab Master Rig check out our website. Know that you are using the best. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.