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Best Practices for Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance

We all want to get the most bang for our buck. When we buy a car we make sure to keep it filled with gas, change the oil, check the tire pressure etc. But do we follow the same for our oilfield equipment? What are the best practices for oil and gas equipment maintenance? 

Effects of Bad Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance

Not taking good care of your equipment is the same as not taking care of your people and your money. You can’t run your business without your equipment. When it’s not properly cared for it can cost you time, money and most importantly safety. Here’s a list of just a few problems that can result from improper maintenance.

  • Erosion, cracking and and wear on mechanisms
  • Degraded product due to equipment corrosion
  • Inability to locate spare parts in reasonable time
  • Accepted mediocrity (poor condition considered normal by employees)
  • Losing track of critical safety issues
  • Loss of expertise (employees who know how to fix equipment)

That’s just a few of the possible issues that can come when regular maintenance is overlooked.

How to Keep Up with Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance

One of the most important things here is to keep track, and make sure anyone that is relevant has access to the data. If you rely on someone to remember everything, you may as well not even bother. And if no one else has access to the recorded data, it’s also somewhat useless. So here are some steps you need to take:

  1. Identify all your relevant equipment.
  2. Identify maintenance areas on each of them.
  3. Regularly check the function and integrity of maintenance areas.
  4. Record your findings, good and bad.
  5. When checking functions in the future refer to previous maintenance notes to see if there have been small changes you may have missed.
  6. Perform routine maintenance as recommended per manufacturers. 
  7. Record each time maintenance is performed
  8. Record any time a fix is needed

Unfortunately since there are so many different pieces of equipment on an oilfield we can’t list out the maintenance recommendations for each one. Everything you buy will come with recommendations if it comes from us at Tiger General. If it doesn’t, talk to your manufacturer.

What if Maintenance is not Enough?

There comes a time when all good machines must lay to rest. Especially when they work as hard as yours do. If you’ve made the smart decision to buy something from Tiger General than you don’t have to worry about that happening too often. We only sell premium oilfield equipment and we stand by what we sell. However nothing lasts forever. And if you need something new, or new to you, check us out and let us help you.

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