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Tips for Safely Transporting Oversized Loads

Transporting is an imperative part of working in gas and oil, and it happens every day. This includes transporting people, products, equipment and more over long distances, rough terrain and remote areas. Many of those products are hazardous, the equipment is heavy and dangerous and people are priceless. So what can you do to ensure … Continued

Preparing Equipment for Winter

As temperatures plunge, and the seasons change, many oil and gas fields are now preparing for another winter. Perhaps more than any other, the winter season brings a unique set of challenges and considerations that must be accounted for. Make sure your equipment is ready for the coldest, snowiest part of the year. Inspect Your … Continued

DOT Service Hour Regulations for Oilfield Drivers

Your fleet of trucks and rigs get put through their paces on the jobsite. Furthermore, each is subject to the normal wear and tear of your demanding industry. While it’s important to stay vigilant about regular maintenance to ensure every vehicle remains safe throughout its lifetime, it is equally as important to ensure your drivers’ … Continued

Common Maintenance Tips for Your Swab Rig

Like any other mechanical system, properly maintaining your swab rig will help extend its longevity and lifespan. As an example, Tiger General Swab Master motors and pumps are rated for 20,000+ hours before needing an overhaul if they are properly maintained. You’ll also need to perform specific maintenance in order to meet governmental regulations. Below … Continued

Pro Tips On Maintaining Your Oil Truck

The U.S. is moving ahead in oil production volume with the existing pipelines and new remote areas. Increasingly companies are using semi-trucks to transport crude oil and drilling waste by-products. Government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Transportation, ensure that motor vehicle oil transport is regulated, including the routine maintenance and inspection. The regulation … Continued

Staying Awake While Truck Driving

According to recent statistics, more than 500,000 commercial trucks are involved in accidents each year, resulting in more than 100,000 people injured and 5,000 deaths, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  A top cause of commercial vehicle accidents is falling asleep while driving, which is particularly common in the early morning and late … Continued