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Common Maintenance Tips for Your Swab Rig

Like any other mechanical system, properly maintaining your swab rig will help extend its longevity and lifespan. As an example, Tiger General Swab Master motors and pumps are rated for 20,000+ hours before needing an overhaul if they are properly maintained. You’ll also need to perform specific maintenance in order to meet governmental regulations. Below are some of our most common tips for your swab rig.

  1. Choose your fuel carefully

Plan your trips so that you’re purchasing fuel only from those filling stations that you know have good quality products. Stations located in remote areas might not require a daily delivery of fuel, increasing the likelihood that it’s bad.

  1. Maintain Electrical Connection Performance

As part of its regular maintenance, coat both the truck battery and starter studs with spray grease to form a barrier between them and moisture. Doing so will help eliminate corrosion.

  1. Properly Maintain Your Tires

Not only will properly maintaining your tires help them last longer, it will also improve the handling of your swab rig. Because this type of truck’s rear tires tend to wear more quickly than the front ones, it’s essential to have them rotated regularly. Doing so could increase their life by as much as 60,000 miles.

On a weekly basis, check the tire pressure. Doing so can lead to better fuel mileage and steering control of the swab rig. It can also help avoid damage from potholes and excessive punctures.

  1. Don’t forget the exterior!

Washing and waxing your swab rig on a regular basis does more than just improve its appearance. It removes environmental chemicals, soil, road debris and more that accumulate on the truck’s surface. If not removed, they can lead to corrosion which can mar the truck’s appearance and lead to structural damage.

In spite of your best efforts, there might be some places on your swab rig that are particularly vulnerable to rust. Be sure to keep a can of rust protectant or spray paint on hand for use on those places that could easily rust.

  1. Clear out debris

It’s not likely that debris on your swab rig will have a chance to build up overnight. If it sits for more than a couple of days, check the fuel vent for insects, debris or other material that could block the efficient transport of fuel.

Following the tips above can help your swab rig perform the tough job you purchase it to do. If you’re in the market for a new swab rig, winch truck, vac truck or any other oil field truck, check us out at Tiger General.

The Tiger General Advantage

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