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Preparing Equipment for Winter

As temperatures plunge, and the seasons change, many oil and gas fields are now preparing for another winter. Perhaps more than any other, the winter season brings a unique set of challenges and considerations that must be accounted for. Make sure your equipment is ready for the coldest, snowiest part of the year.

Inspect Your Rigs Now

Working with freezing metal is never fun, and the extra time it takes to loosen cold bolts and nuts can slow down your operation. Limit the amount of maintenance your rigs need during the next cold winter by performing a thorough inspection of your equipment now. This is especially important for older machines that typically tend to give you more trouble. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Even newer machines, purchased within the last year, should be carefully gone over. They ran smoothly all summer long, but still  deserve the attention. Regardless of how new the machinery or trucks are, it’s a lot easier to perform maintenance or tackle repairs before it turns freezing cold. The last thing you want is for something to break down in the middle of the field when it’s 17 degrees outside.

Make Sure Access Roads are Ready  

Winter weather can also turn even the smoothest road into a skating rink. Unpaved roads are subject to mud that can leave your rigs stuck in place. Perform regular checks on access roads to make sure they’re ready for the cold months ahead. Stock up on sand or any road-related supplies you might need. Doing this before winter will ensure you can find it before suppliers run out.

Once the snow hits, be as proactive as possible in keeping roadways and other access routes cleared and safe for rigs and workers. Again, accidents and delays can often be easily avoided with a little preparedness.

Train and Retrain Your Workers

From greenhorns to seasoned vets, getting used to working through winter takes time and a lot of readjustment. Go over seasonal concerns before the storms begin. Some topics of discussion might include bad weather safety, emergency planning, and even proper winter attire. Don’t take anything as a given and keep your staff safe.

Have the Right Tool for the Job with Tiger General’s Help

Running a fleet of reliable and safe equipment goes a long way in keeping your rigs and your workers safe throughout the winter months. Browse Tiger General’s extensive inventory to ensure all of your rigs and trucks are ready for the coldest part of the year.