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Don’t read this unless you are ready to buy a dump trailer.

Maybe you are thinking of an expensive aluminum trailer. That’s fine. That’s where most people start. Don’t be fooled by all the stories. You might not want to spend that much hard earned money.

At last, affordable premium dump trailers that get your jobs done for less. If you need strong value priced dump trailers, you better check out Clement dump trailers. Yes, that’s right.

Clement is one of the oldest, most experienced dump trailer manufacturers in the country. In fact Clement is the #1 seller of steel dump trailers in the USA.

Learn why Clement’s experience gives you the most reliable dump trailers. Clement is also coming on strong in the aluminum dump trailer market.

Today it’s obvious. Many new companies are trying to copy Clement. At first they might look attractive & cheap. But do they have the experience to know where all the problems are? i doubt it. Can you afford to take the chance with an unproven trailer? * Best of all when you compare spec for spec, you will find Clement dump trailers are your best value. ** Read on. Check out the facts!!

CLEMENT OWNERSHIP: Clement’s longtime owners, the Glen Hicks family, are engineers, not beady-eyed accountants. Engineers always want everything perfect. Glen Hicks and his sons are fussy, tough taskmasters. They’ve always demanded the best of everything.They just love to build you the best.

Do you think you will get the best of everything from a company run by a cost cutting accountant? Did you know that Glen Hick’s designs of thirty years ago are proven & refined today? *This confidence allows the hicks family to back up your trailers with rock solid warranties.

Why not go with the proven, reliable leader. Clement has years of experience to root out all those “hidden” unforeseen problems. The copycats don’t have a clue where their trailers will fail next. Clement is way past that with computer assisted stress analysis engineering. We find problems before production.

Components: When you choose Clement, you get all premium components, standardThat’s right! No skimping on cheap axles, off spec unknown steel, or poor quality paint. The Hicks family just wants to give you the best trailer possible.

Let’s look at some facts about Clement Dump Trailers:

Axles – Look at Clement’s running gear, the hardest-working part of your trailer. Clement is standard with 102″ wide rockwell axles. World-renowned as the strongest, longest lasting axle available. Same big inner & outer bearings, premium brake linings give you the, safe, long dependable life you deserve.

Suspension – Your axles are tied to a 50,000# hutch suspension, again, a proven heavy duty suspension to give you the stability you need in those uneven, disappearing ground situations. 11r/24.5 radial tires on hub piloted uni-mount disk wheels. All premium standard equipment.

Steel – The important part that carries your loads. Clement uses only certified steel, to Clement’s fussy spec’s. Supporting documents accompany each load. Not cheap off spec end-runs. All premium steel. We know just how our steel will form & weld to match our strict engineering standards.

Paint – We all know how hard it is to keep paint on steel. Well, Clement attacked this problem with a vengeance. Today your trailer goes through a grueling 6 step prep & paint process. Clement does all it can to deliver a 5-year paint job.

Cylinders – With Clement’s inverted outboard mounted cylinder option, there’s no doghouse. Material flows freely. Packing life is greatly extended because dirt & debris can’t lie on the packing glands & work into your hydraulic system. Your standard cylinder is theexpensive custom hoist, with adjustable packings.
Not a cheap, hope it doesn’t leak, cylinder. You get the dependability you deserve.

“Bridgers” – Sliding tandems allow more payloadmore maneuverability, more stability with shorter trailers.

  • Meet federal bridge laws with short trailers.
  • Get 2000 extra pounds on your front axle with the Clement bridger. Plus there is no lost time.
  • As you back up to the dumping point, flip the lock switch, apply the hand brake, and continue backing to slide the “bridger” into the dumping position.

Bathtubs – Clement pioneered the unique frameless “bathtub” design.

  • Big 8″ corners & front radius give far more strength than the other guys square corners.
  • Clement’s direct mount massive mainframe & bolster system, without cross members, really beef’s up the entire structure, plus, maintains a flat floor.
  • In no time at all, the other guy’s floor gets washboard ripples that makes stuff stick & hard to get out.
  • The formed reinforced side panels further beef up the body, without all the wasted structure.
  • It has lived through over 25 years of abuse & refinements.
  • It is super strong, ridged, and lightweight!! Now the Starlite only weighs 10,540 pounds. It’s super strong & dependable.

½ Round Rock – Frameless dump trailers, virtually indestructible super strong, certified, “AR” 450 steel, and 150,000 PSI. This gives you the piece of mind you need to haul whatever you need to.

  • Big rock, scrap, sand & stone or whatever. The outboard cylinder eliminates the troublesome doghouse.
  • The high air lift tailgate gives you 80″ in the clear to dump the biggest stuff out easy.
  • In the last five years, Clement has built & sold more 1/2 round dump trailers than the next 3 companies combined.
  • Field-tested by customers that haul such big nasty rocks it would make Arnold Schwarzenegger afraid. Glen Hick’s relentless pursuit of perfection gives you the assurance your rock, scrap & demo dumps will out perform all other dump trailers.

“Bullet proof” scrap & demo dumps – Haul all the nasty stuff you want.

  • You get the same proven bathtub design, premium rockwell/ hutch running gear.
  • Certified “AR” 450 steel body shell with a full wrap floor. It wraps up the sides 8″. virtually indestructible.
  • Clement’s famous outboard inverted cylinder eliminates the troublesome doghouse & greatly extends cylinder life. Best of all your scrapstar is lightweight. You get big dollar payloads.

Clement frameless dump trailers are the most stable. Look at the facts.

Stability – A solid base. You get a wide base on the ground, 102″ wide axles, and all 8 tires on the ground through 80% of dump cycle. 36,000 lb. and 50,000 lb. suspensions. Strong outboard draft arms helps hold the body at the center from swaying. The only thing holding the body on a frame type trailer is the hinge pin, and that’s really far away from the action at the front of the box!!!

“Bathtub” body design – The 8″ curved corners at the floor. The beefy front. The full massive boxed main frame with side bolster system; make your Clement’s body torsion sally far more ridged to help prevent too much “body flex”. Plus you get far more payload.

Lower center of gravity – When Clement frameless dump trailers start to rise, the rear of the trailer goes down, lowering the “cg” prox 2 feet lower than frame type trailers. Also the loads slide out of Clement bodies far easier & faster than square or aluminum bodies.

Clement’s world-class engineering, premium components and meticulous attention to the details are just some of the reasons Clement is America’s leading selling dump trailer in the USA.

How can the cheap copycat trailers guys guarantee you the quality you need? Don’t they have too many unknowns? Invest with the proven reliable leader!

Call today for the best pricing and Rock Solid After Sale Supports.