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Understanding the oil and gas rig count

Oil and gas rig counts are frequently used throughout the oil and gas industry as a metric of consumer confidence. For many, the oil and gas rig counts are currently indicating an optimistic path forward for energy-related companies. But what exactly does the oil and gas count mean for both companies and investors? Here’s what … Continued

How Offshore Oil and Gas Production Benefits the Economy

  Historically it’s been believed that offshore oil and gas production could ultimately hurt both the energy market and the environment. However, the inverse is true; not only does offshore oil and gas stimulate the economy, but also it actually presents benefits to the environment in addition to a stable and reliable energy resource. Offshore … Continued

Pros And Cons Of A Job As A Construction Truck Driver

Just like every other job, trucking jobs in the construction industry have many pros and cons that come along with the position. In reality there are always negative aspects to a job, whether they be substantial or minuscule. However, in a successful career, the benefits of a job significantly overshadows the negative aspects of the … Continued

Heavy Oil Field Trucks: The Different Types

It’s important to understand the difference between all the different oilfield trucks on the market. Oilfield trucks all have very different features that help them play crucial roles when extracting oil on a daily basis. While they all need to perform different functions, they must have some common characteristics. It is vital that all of … Continued

Women In The Oil Field And Gas Industry

It’s no secret that the Oil and Gas industry have been primarily dominated by men ever since its humble beginnings. However, ever since the turn of the new millennium, things have been changing. In fact, according to a recent poll done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, women make up as much as … Continued

Swabbing A Well: Explaining The Process In Simple Terms

We here at Tiger General have great pride in selling our Swabbing Equipment. However, some people may not be familiar with what the actual process of swabbing is. We wanted to write a quick blog post to explain the process to our readers. In short, swabbing is a form of “well control” that releases bottom … Continued