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Cyber Security and the Oil & Gas Industry

Digitalization has helped industries and organizations advance like never before, including the oil & gas sector. Introducing more sophisticated technology has enhanced productivity, improved performance, and also reduced cost for the industry.

However, these advancements are not without flaws. It has made the oil & gas sector vulnerable to dangerous cyber-attacks. These attacks, if successful, are capable of bringing a company’s operations to a standstill, resulting in enormous loss of money, reputation, and more. In fact, the weight of a successful cyber-attack can be more lethal than anyone could imagine.

Despite the varied roles and operating environment in the oil and gas industry, everyone is susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Every sector can be attacked. Hence, why it’s ideal for every employee in the oil and gas industry to have cybersecurity training.

Below we cover a couple important things to know about cyber security in the oil & gas industry.

How to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

First let’s look at how to protect against the attacks.

Considering the complexity of these attacks, and the damages they can incur, responses to cyberattacks must be nuanced, effective, and timely. Here are some key things to know about cybersecurity in the oil & gas industry:

  • Employee awareness is very crucial and a vital frontline defense. It includes integrating cybersecurity consciousness and password discipline to protect against different malware and phishing attacks.
  • Advanced tools such as antivirus software, intruder detection, and protection systems, and encryption technologies are very important to protect the integrity of your data and sensitive data.
  • Having a Security Operation Center at the heart of your company’s cyber threat detection response team is key. SOCs help to identify and remove hidden attackers and likely threat scenarios targeting the organization’s most critical assets. It structures, coordinates, and monitors all cybersecurity activities for any possible breaches.

New Technology in Cybersecurity

To enhance cybersecurity practices in the Oil & Gas sectors, here are a few of the latest technologies.

Deep Armor Industrial: Deep Armor Industrial is an advanced cybersecurity system that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and detect cyber-attacks to protect the oil & gas industry’s endpoint OT. The sophisticated and creative AI-based system provides next-generation antivirus, threat detection, application control, and zero-day attack prevention.

Cyber Security Workplace: Cyber Security Workplace provides operators with control and visibility in security patches, frequency of backups, and critical hardening measures. It also allows customers to easily automate their routine and fundamental security maintenance of their plants. Not to mention it ensures that the control system is updated regularly.

Nozomi Networks Solution: Accurate asset discovery, superior threat detection, and flexible, scalable deployment are what Nozomi Networks Solution offers to the Oil & Gas Industry. It provides cyber resiliency and real-time operational visibility to customers around the world. The innovative solution also delivers deep network visibility and OT cybersecurity all of which are vital for the oil & gas sector.


Oil & gas companies must have adequate security measures in place to prevent attackers from intruding on their organization’s industrial environment. Companies must also be aware of the continuous updates needed to improve the deployed security solutions.

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