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Profitable Oil & Gas Businesses for Beginners

One of the most profitable industries that one can consider investing in is the oil & gas industry. This is because petroleum products and their derivatives are essential commodities that are used on a daily basis. However, coming up with a viable oil & gas business idea is not always easy. With that being said, if you wish to invest in this sector but aren’t sure where to start, here are 5 ideas to consider.

1.     Diesel Supply

This business is thriving and profitable because diesel is used by a multitude of businesses for day-to-day operations. All a budding entrepreneur needs is the right knowledge, the right legal channel of diesel supply, and good marketing. Normally, diesel supply businesses are easy to start and don’t require a lot of startup funds. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

2.     Filling Stations

A filling station is a place where diesel, cooking gas, and kerosene are retailed. With more and more individuals owning a vehicle if you invest in this business, you can bet that you will accrue lots of profit in no time. All you need to successfully start up this business is a strategic location, legal permits, and a business license.

3.     Kerosene Retailing

Kerosene retailing is one of the most profitable business ideas in the oil and gas industry. Kerosene is a light fuel oil used in heaters, furnaces, and lamps–not to mention it’s vital for domestic household use. To start this business, you need to have access to a supply of kerosene, drums, measuring containers etc. In addition, you’ll need to decide who you’re selling to, either multiple small-scale retailers or directly to the end-users. Once you have your materials and know who your customers are, this business is very easy to maintain and can be quite profitable.

4.     Cooking Gas Retailing

As the market for cooking gas is increasing daily, the business of retailing of cooking gas has yet to thrive. To get a business like this started, you need a storefront, gas cylinders, a supply of gas directly from a plant, and little startup funds.

5.     Gas Station Business

Owning a gas station is one of the most common ways that entrepreneurs invest in the oil and gas industry. Unlike filling stations, gas stations can be started with a moderate capital investment. These businesses can be set up in both small towns and large cities, all you need to do is set up a gas plant with the right license and permit where you can do both wholesale and retail sales.

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In conclusion, some of these business ideas require knowledge and expertise to be able to stay afloat in the scheme of things. To get and maintain success however, requires strategic planning, proper management and skill. If you need a new piece of equipment to help you further your business, fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today!