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Fast, Powerful, Easy To Operate And Maintain

  • Draw works field proven since 1978
  • Pemco derricks, or Tiger General LLC pole masts

If you need a Double Drum “Welltender”, why mess around with chain drive rigs when you can own the Finest All Hydraulic Double Drum Rig in the USA?

Tiger General LLC Hydrostatic Winches deliver in excess of 95% of mechanical torque efficiency. A mechanical chain winch drive system might provide higher reduction ratios but they can loose up to 30-40% of torque through reduction drive train inefficiencies. Bottom line, Tiger winch systems provide a smoother, far more efficient system to deliver maximum line pull.

You get at least 15 year design life before overhaul. Then it’s easy and reasonable to rebuild and go again. All other rigs run about 5-8 years, or less, and then need overhauled. Our pumps and motors are rated for at least 20,000 hours before overhaul.

Welltender rigs requires very little maintenance, in fact about 1/2 the maintenance as any other rig.

Your welltender machine is well engineered, and field proven to work hard and live a long productive life. The basic design is the same since 1978, but greatly refined for longer life and far less maintenance. Your swab master plumbing system uses all premium components, that are sized correct, well mounted, and routed cleanly.

We use premium absolute filters, that filter the first or 2nd pass through. Others use filters that require 7-10 trips to filter. We cool and filter about 7 gallons per minute. We even cool and filter while idling.

We use expensive code 62 hi pressure 4 bolt “O” ring, and JIC “O” ring fittings to make sure you don’t have leaks for the long haul. Not cheap pipe fittings. We use expensive hydraulic steel tubing, that is power coated to live longer than hoses. When we use hoses we take great care not to stress the hose ends and install with premium hangers to prevent chaffing.

Your welltender rig comes standard with an expensive tiger general llc auto spooling device. Greatly enhanced with larger alum bronze bushing, drip oil system, aluminum sheave covers to prevent splash. With a drain hose. Rotatable side trust plastic skid blocks. Huge adjustable bearing ends for perfect alignment.

Your mast 68’ tiger double pole mast, 8 x 10 x 3/8” base. 6 x 8 x 3/8” inner telescopic mast 3” hydraulic cylinder mast extend. 3 top 24” sheaves, 1 24” cross sheave… it is bolted, to extra large swing frame hinge. The enclosed low splash crown sheave is standard you get huge 3 ½ x 5” OD crown sheave needle bearings running on a shaft sleeve. Get all the power and speed you need. More power than any other rig, and far more usable power than any other rig. Just tell me how deep you need to operate, we’ll deliver the superior performance you deserve.

If you want, your welltender rig can be operated easily. Add electronic controls on operators belt. This might free up one man. However we understand you might want a 3-man operation.

If you want state of the art all electronic monitoring systems. We have it. No one else has ever thought of what we can deliver. You get gross load and net loads pulled. Electronic depthometer, tied to load cell, and average line speed. And more.

You can tell exactly when and where you hit fluid while swabbing. This allows you to pull max load each time. You get far more fluid in the tank at the end of the day. More fluid in the tank that any other rig. Know how much tubing loads pulled with the electronics, you will be able to know exactly how much you pull.

Finely, you get rock solid warranty, with dependable after sale support. All other manufacturers have come and gone. Our family has been here delivering top service for well over 60 years. Go with the proven leader.

Call Tiger General today to get your welltender double drum on order before the next price increase. All chassis might go up $6,500.00 any minute. Call us now to tell me how you want your machine built.