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All About Tiger Vision

What is Tiger Vision? It’s the difference between great and mediocre machinery. Tiger Vision is a patented and proprietary Microsoft Windows hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring system owned and created by Tiger General. It’s part of what gives us the confidence to tell you that if our equipment doesn’t do everything we told you it would, we’ll buy it back. 

Tiger Vision Downhole Information System

Tiger Vision displays all incoming swab master and engine electronic data onscreen, utilizing a standard solid-state touch screen computer to record and save. It’s displayed using sweeping analog and digital color-coded gauges that the machine operator can monitor in real-time rig operation systems.

The operation of a Tiger General swab rig is provided with downhole information such as line speed, system pressures, depth (both in and out of the well), gross and net loads, tubing, charge pressure and wellhead pressure. You can display the output in either English or metric. It’s also equipped with programmable depth alarm horns. These can warn you when tooling is nearing the top of the well, complete with light indicators. 

These can be easily set up with our configuration screens. That data can then be downloaded to a laptop or any mobile device so you can view the information wherever you need. Tiger Vision comes with the computer, keyboard and a battery power backup, with a 12V to 110V inverter. The optional data logging service streams data to anyone you choose with an internet connection. Your production engineers can stay home and still view the information they need.

Details that Deliver Maximum Efficiency

Rig operators work hard, making one or many runs to clean up, unload or dry up the fluids in your well. They know that every well can react differently. With other companies, operators were forced to guess where the fluid was based off of their own experiences. They might have gone by sound, slack in the cable or used a hand depth counter. 

That can be a dangerous process, because it requires an extra person to hold the handwheel of a moving cable. This is one way that Tiger Vision is great, as it helps eliminate the danger of an operator getting their hand caught in the moving cable.

Tiger Vision Improves Efficiency

Tiger Vision, combined with Tiger Logging (which you’ll hear more about next week) helps you to get the maximum loads for every run. You don’t have time to mess with guessing games and empty runs. Our proprietary tool increases both efficiency and safety, delivering downhole information to benefit the operator, engineers and well owner. 

Get Your Swab Rig with Tiger Vision Now

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