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The Finest Double Drum Well Tender Rig

When you need a double drum well tender, you don’t want to waste time messing around with chain drive rigs. If you want the finest hydraulic double drum rig in the USA, look no further than Tiger General. Our draw works have been field proven since 1978. Our products are dependable and long lasting, and unlike other manufacturers who’ve come and gone, we build and sell quality machinery. 

Tiger General Delivers

Our hydrostatic winches deliver in excess of 95% mechanical torque efficiency. If you use a mechanical chain winch drive system, you may get higher reduction rations, but lose up to 30-40% of torque through reduction drive train inefficiencies—making our winch system the smoother and more intelligent system for delivering maximum line pull.

Our equipment outlasts the competition, with rigs from other companies usually running 5-8 years before they need an overhaul. Not the case with Tiger General. Our rigs have at least a 15-year design life, and repairs are easy to implement. You even get a minimum of 20,000 hours from our pumps and motors. 

Each Tiger General well tender machine is field proven for tough jobs. We haven’t changed the basic design since 1978, but we have refined and improved the equipment to for longer product life lower required maintenance. 

Premium Quality Parts Come Standard

We don’t cut corners when it comes to giving you high quality equipment. Our rigs get the job done in the first or second pass by using premium absolute filters (others require seven or ten trips) and cool and filter 7 gallons per minute, even while idling. 

All well tender rigs come with our exclusive quality enhanced auto spooling device with larger alum bronze bushing, drip oil system and aluminum sheave covers to prevent splash. It has a drain hose and rotatable side trust plastic skid blocks. 

We also don’t waste your time with cheap pipe fittings. We use code 62 high pressure 4-bolt O-ring and JIC O-ring fittings so that you won’t have any leaks on your long hauls. Power coating reinforces our hydraulic steel tubing to make it last longer than a regular hose, and we take great care to limit stress on our hose ends. We install our hoses with premium hangers to prevent chafing. 

Extended Ease Optional

We offer options that enable you to have an easy-to-use well tender rig. You can even add electronic controls on the operator belt, which frees up one man. We also offer state-of-the-art electronic monitoring systems, generally unheard of in our industry. An electronic depthometer measures load cell and average line speed while your gross and net loads are pulled. 

Additionally, it’s handy to know exactly when and where you come into contact with fluid during swabbing. You pull the max load each time and get far more fluid than any other rig. After you know how much tubing loads pulled with the electronic monitoring system, you will know exactly how much you pull.

Buy the Best Double Drum Well Tender Rig

Our well tender rigs come with a rock solid warranty and dependable after sale support. We’ve been here for 60 years, so you can count on us to be here when you need us!  Visit us online for more information about our well tender rigs. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.