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Natural Gas 101

Without the odorless and colorless gas that is natural gas, who knows how the world would be. To get the scoop on the gas that powers the world around us keep on reading. What is Natural Gas? Natural gas is formed underground and is primarily constructed of methane (CH4) and smaller quantities of hydrocarbons. It … Continued

The Dangers of Working on Oil Rigs: Winter

Having good pay and solid benefits are the most enticing attributes of working in the oil field. But to reap these benefits, workers face extreme physical and mental challenges. On top of the intense and grueling work, the work conditions on rigs can be dangerous, especially in winter. Medical Conditions During the winter months there … Continued

The Impact Hurricanes have on the Industry

Hurricanes can result in catastrophic damage, not just to people’s lives and communities, but also to different industries and the economy.  For the context of this blog, we look into how hurricanes impact the oil and natural gas industry. Hurricane season The main hurricane season lasts for six months, usually from June to November. Within … Continued

The Top 10 Largest Producing Oil Fields: Part 1

Throughout the United States there are hundreds of oil fields operating daily. Together these fields produce billions of barrels of oil each year. In this blog we are starting our countdown of the top 10 largest producing oil fields in the U.S. 10. Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico The Mississippi Canyon oil fields have been … Continued

Swabbing Safely

Swabbing is by far the Most Efficient method to bring “Loaded Up” well production Roaring back to full production. Swabbing doesn’t cost, … It Pays Back Big Time. Some people believe that swabbing might be dangerous. It can be. However Good Operational safety practices can reduce the risks. Swabbing with your new Swab Master Machine, following proper Hookups And … Continued

A History of American Energy Sources

At Tiger General, we make oilfield trucks, but we are making so much more. We’re making the tools you need to earn your living and the equipment that helps keep America running outside of foreign sources of energy. That’s why the history of American energy sources is so interesting to us.