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A History of American Energy Sources

At Tiger General, we make oilfield trucks, but we are making so much more. We’re making the tools you need to earn your living and the equipment that helps keep America running outside of foreign sources of energy. That’s why the history of American energy sources is so interesting to us.

All Kinds of Energy Sources

America has changed its energy use with time, technology, discoveries and other factors. But as a country, we’ve always strived to provide what we need ourselves. Most of our historical energy sources fit into five categories: wood, coal, gas & oil, nuclear and renewable energy.

Wood and Coal Energy

Wood and coal were some of our original energy sources. In the 1700s, nearly every type of shelter burned wood for heat. It was plentiful, seemingly endless, easy to access and transportable. At that time, wood seemed like the perfect energy source. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that coal began to take the place of wood for heat generation. 

At this point, we had commercial coal mining operations in America. It was more portable than wood, and also offered more heat per pound of resource. With the industry changes, coal began to be used for machine power generation, making it the number one energy source.

Oil and Natural Gas Energy Sources

Times change, and the reign of coal began to dwindle with the rise of oil and natural gas in the 1900s. Oil and gas were cleaner, easier to transport, as well as bounteous and affordable. Oil and gas use spread quicker than coal, and also resisted the impacts of the Great Depression felt by other energy sources. 

After their rising use for space heating, transportation and electric power generation, oil and gas became king. This boom continued mostly uninterrupted until 2008, when the Great Recession triggered an oil demand decrease. Luckily, however, natural gas was not affected the same way. With advancements in hydraulic shale fracking, prices dropped and natural gas availability increased. 

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