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Natural Gas 101

Without the odorless and colorless gas that is natural gas, who knows how the world would be. To get the scoop on the gas that powers the world around us keep on reading. What is Natural Gas? Natural gas is formed underground and is primarily constructed of methane (CH4) and smaller quantities of hydrocarbons. It … Continued

Fracking 101

Once inaccessible natural gas can now be extracted and collected. This natural gas was formed over a period of millions of years as layers of decaying organisms were exposed to heat and pressure.  Now, with a process called fracking natural gas can be extracted and used to power us for decades to come. To learn … Continued

Where’s the U.S. Oil?

Oil is complex, and it’s found in areas with petroleum systems involving the geological pieces needed to store hydrocarbons. A few sources might include mature source rocks, reservoir rocks, migration pathways, seals and traps. Luckily, we have quite a few of these places in the country, but where exactly is the U.S. oil?