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Where’s the U.S. Oil?

Oil is complex, and it’s found in areas with petroleum systems involving the geological pieces needed to store hydrocarbons. A few sources might include mature source rocks, reservoir rocks, migration pathways, seals and traps. Luckily, we have quite a few of these places in the country, but where exactly is the U.S. oil?

Where Do Most Oilfields Reside?

The lower 48 states of the U.S. hold large oil basins. Texas has the most, with six distinct basins:

  • The Western Gulf Basin
  • The Anadarko Basin
  • The TX-LA-MS Basin
  • The Palo Duro Basin
  • The Permian Basin
  • The Ft. Worth Basin

Texas, along with the Northeast area of the country, has most of the big oil basins. In fact, the Permian, Appalachian and Western Gulf can put out 290 billion cubic feet of oil on their own. These aren’t the only places to find oil in the U.S., however. There are also small oilfields in Montana (Montana Thrust Belt, Bighorn, Williston and Powder River), California (the Sacramento, Los Angeles and Ventura), Colorado (Denver Basin), Wyoming (Wyoming Thrust Belt, Bighorn, Powder River), Kansas (Denver Basin), Mississippi (Black Warrior), Nebraska (Denver Basin) and Alabama (Black Warrior). 

Which Fields Put Out the Most U.S. Oil?

The top producing field in the U.S. is in Eagleville, TX, covering 14 different counties. It’s been the largest in the U.S. since 2015. Karnes County produced 6.3 million barrels in February 2015 alone.  The second largest is in Spraberry, TX. It covers 2,500 square miles through several counties in the Permian basin and and is known to be a tough spot to retrieve oil. In fact, 90 percent of it, an estimated 9 billion barrels, is suspected to remain untouched. Many are hoping that modern drilling technology will change this. 

The third-largest producer is Prudhoe Bay, AK, which started with an estimated 25 billion barrels. There is expected to be approximately 16 billion barrels remaining, and Prudhoe Bay is the largest oilfield space-wise in both the U.S. and North America at a sprawling 213,543 acres.

What About Natural Gas Fields?

The top-producing natural gas fields differ, of course. The top three are the Marcellus Shale, in PA and WV; Newark East, in TX and B-43 Area in AR. PA’s Marcellus Shale was previously unnoticed and in a very different part of the country, but it is now the biggest producer we have. 

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