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Max Loads Every Run With Swab Masters

Tiger General Swab Master Rigs

Tiger General’s premium quality Swab Master Swab Rigs are targeted towards extreme efficiency and increased productivity, in addition to maximizing each dead liquid load. Oil and gas sites interested in better oil production throughout the lifetime of their on-shore and off-shore sites can invest in the services of Tiger General for cost-effective production maintenance.

Swabbing to Maintain Efficient Production

Oil and gas wells will continually fill with fluid even as oil and gas is reclaimed. Eventually, these fluids will need to be removed for the most efficient production, as they will alter the pressure of the well. A swabbing rig, operated by a trained rig operator, will utilize special equipment to remove dead fluids from the wells and return the well into production. Usual this is about six barrels, though more or less may occasionally be necessary. This is where load maximization and optimization becomes important.

Swabbing a well is a delicate process demanding durable, specialized equipment, and the rig operator will know exactly how much fluid to remove based on experience and feel. Once the process of swabbing has been completed, the well can enter back into production.

Tiger General’s Swab Master Swab Rigs

Swab Master Swab Rigs produced by Tiger General are designed to be low maintenance, cost-effective and durable. Engines are designed with heating and cooling in mind to remain effective in any environment, and long-lasting components are utilized to limit the amount of necessary repairs and maintenance. Enclosed operator cabs improve upon both operator control and safety, and technologically advanced features such as Tiger Vision further increase usability.

In addition to their standard swabbing rigs, Tiger Vision also offers off-shore swabbing rigs. These rigs are field proven, designed to easily be transported by helicopter, and with redundant backup systems to ensure continued operation. The off-shore swabbing rigs have a rating of 16,000 feet for six barrels of fluid on a run.

Tiger Logging for Max Loads Each Run

Maximizing each load every run can be a challenge. Tiger Logging increases both the safety and the efficiency of the swabbing procedure by improving load maximization. Maximizing the loads each time will reduce the amount of subsequent loads that need to be taken and will increase well efficiency, in addition to streamlining the process and reducing the amount of time necessary for completion.

Tiger Logging tracks key information about the swabbing process, including the location depth of where fluids are located, the depth and the loads, and new start up and depth information if the swabbing rig must go deeper. This information is given to the operator, who can then make educated decisions based on the data presented.

With over 85 years of experience, Tiger General produces best-in-class equipment for the oil and gas industry. From on-shore go off-shore, swabbing rigs by Tiger General will provide the best in value and aid in the maintenance of continual oil production. The family-operated company prides itself on customer service and integrity.