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The Best Vacuum Trucks Out There

As with everything we make, our vacuum trucks blow the competition away. High performance, fast loading/unloading and American-made NVE premium high power vac pumps are just a few marks of our superb quality. We engineer everything we make to get the best bang for your buck out on the field, and we even build three different sizes: 60, 80 and 100 barrel capacity models (1 barrel = 42 gallons). Tiger General was one of the first manufacturers to design, engineer and manufacture vacuum trucks for the oil and gas industry. We are your industry leaders, and we offer only the best vacuum trucks on the market.

We Go the Extra Mile for Quality

Let us spec your truck for you. We know that trucks take abuse on the oilfield, and we want yours to work long and hard, so our equipment is made with you in mind. First, certified welders double weld each tank. After, we mount each with our unique Tiger General flex and horizontal mount system, which allows your truck frame and body to float.

We sandblast our vacuum and water trucks, prime and paint each with not one, but TWO heavy coats of high solids urethane paint. This protects the equipment from undue stress and delivers the long life that you deserve.

From headlights to tires, we only sell the best. We use a sealed light system to protect your lights, and ensure that they work a long life–just like you. Additionally, we use American-made national vacuum pumping systems. And they’re large volume pumps, too–nothing wimpy here.

Vacuum Truck Specs

There are so many details that set our trucks apart that we’d probably bore you if we listed them all! Instead, we’ll offer you a few perks here, and you can visit our site for the rest. These details show how we beat out the competition with quality, safety and performance:

  • Full length frame mounted stills ¼” formed steel
  • 10 gallon secondary moisture trap
  • Full length fenders for hose storage
  • Primary shut off in top front of tank
  • 1-4 riser fill pipe inside at left rear port for fast fill
  • Tiger General exclusive low stress mounting system
  • ¼” bright finish 5454 marine grade aluminum
  • External reinforcing rings
  • Primary shut-off 12” quick opening hatch
  • Anti-skid material ladder
  • Heavy duty hose supports
  • Internal design pressure 14.6psi
  • External design pressure 15psi (full vacuum)
  • Liquid level indicators three 5” sight glasses
  • Baffle upper half welded to reinforcing pad
  • Two halogen spotlights
  • Additional scene lighting can be requested

You Deserve the Best Vacuum Trucks – We Make Them

Customers use our trucks around the world for good reasons. Our American-made pumps are proven to withstand the harsh requirements of the oilfield, and our tanks exceed the demands of this industry. We’ve been serving this industry since 1925, so we know what we’re doing. From the ground up, everything we sell is built with the end goal in mind: to get you the best machine at the best value so that you can MAKE MONEY.

We have confidence in our products, so we also offer rock solid after sale support with parts and service. We investigate issues fully to ensure that we quickly and fairly resolve any dissatisfaction. With great service, a superior product and competitive pricing, the best choice is clear. Choose Tiger General for YOUR vacuum trucks.

Buy the Best with Tiger General

Head over to tigergeneral.com now to check out our selection of vacuum trucks. Need a quote? Fill out our Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to bring your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.